How To Quilt By Hand

quilts can be a great gift for your friends or family members. It isn’t so easy as it seems, but just about everyone can learn how to quilt. With a little effort and dedication, it may become your favorite activity. Even more, the results will make you proud. But only if you did your homework and learned the basics.

dimensions of your new item are the first thing you need to know. You don’t want it to be too small for your bed. Will you do it by hand, or you prefer machine is something you have to decide, also. And to provide equipment for your work. You probably have some favorite colors and designs already.

The best thing is to start with making a grid, planning the work on paper, before anything else. Try different colors, learn about them and see how they work together. If you already know the basics, and you are familiar with patterns, maybe you can go to the store to choose some fabrics.

fabrics may look great in your store, but will they be good for your quilt is something different. You suppose to read about each and every fabric to be sure if you have to wash it before, to avoid later surprises. Some people were very happy with their new quilt, until they have washed it for the first time. Just imagine shrunk pieces, and you will know.

some fabrics are just too hard to work with, if you aren’t an expert already. Experienced people will make wonders with just about anything, but it isn’t something you should try before mastering in this area. Start with something simpler, and work on it.

templates are also of great help. You can find them on the Internet or ask around and try to get some from your friends. But, you can also make them yourself, if you are skilled enough. Maybe you should try to make something simple, for start. There are no limitations, when you learn how to quilt, and you don’t have to follow all the rules. Just enjoy yourself.

Suggestions on the how to quilting patterns require can be obtained from local groups, magazines and books, and from internet sources. You can learn how to quilt and produce fascinating products for yourself.