There Is A Bead For Everyone

Anyone who is fascinated by bead jewelry or knows that there is a huge variety of beads to select from. There are bugle beads, seed beads, and delica beads just to identify a few. With each type of bead there are different characteristics that make each bead unique. If your someone who is trying to develop a company that specializes in beads you must consider the right beads because it is imperative for your project. With that said it is important that you understand differences between various beads so you know what beads to use for your bead bracelets or bead necklaces.

The most favored types of beads are seed beads. There are two types of seed beads to pick from: Japanese beads or Czech beads. Japanese beads are circular in shape and range in size from 6 the largest to 22 the smallest. They are thought to be more constant in size and they have larger holes than the equal size of Czech bead. They are ideal for all sorts of beadwork. Czech beads range in size from 7 to 20. They are normally more doughnut-shaped than Japanese beads, and are best used for off-loom beading and bead embroidery.

Next type of bead that one should consider for bead making is the Delica bead. These first class beads are perfectly cylindrical in shape and have thin walls and large holes.They are excellent for bead weaving where a very flat, smooth finish is required. There are at best two sizes – size 11 and the larger size 8. Delica beads are much more high – priced than seed beads, but are worth using for that special bead bracelets project.

Besides delica another bead to consider when making a bead bracelet or bead necklace are the Bugle bead. Bugle beads are long cylindrical beads available in a mixture of colors, finishes and twists. They are sized in millimeters, the most normal sizes being 2, 3, and 5mm.The one thing you must understand is to be careful when using them as they can have quite shape edges which could cut right through thread. Bugle beads are mainly used for edgings and fringes.

In closing there is a lot to examine when it comes to what bead you want to use. You have to go with what bead matches the style you are trying to project. Once you figure that out your jewelry should meet your expectations. Honestly there’s a bead for everybody you just have to do investigation and see what fits you. Once you have all that figured out the imagination will be coming out.

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What Makes Fashion Jewelry So Desirable

Women have worn beads and fashion jewelry for hundreds of years. Many began wearing necklaces that were made of glass beads, or stones making them very economical. Once semi-precious stones began being manufactured, more of these pieces were developed and caught the attention of more people.

As the costume pieces gained popularity, more and more people wanted to have them for their own. The industrial revolution hit and it enabled the ability to mass-produce these items very quickly. It was easier to create replicas of many well-known pieces as well as create collectible heirlooms. This made them very attainable.

Women found themselves wanting more pieces of the cheaper beads. They enjoyed having different designs and colors to use with different clothing. They made them feel just a little wealthy having the pieces in their wardrobe. Since these replicas were so inexpensive, practically every woman who wanted to, could own several.

The big screen made the sales of this type of bauble even more desirable. As creators of the pieces began to offer them for use in the wardrobes of the celebrities, they received a lot of recognition. If woman saw a piece she particular liked, she could easily get a replica made.

In time, more designers began to create these costume pieces. They were able to get famous celebrities to allow them to design pieces specifically for them to wear and promote. This made them very memorable to many people; an example is the pearl necklace designed with three faux strands of pearls that Barbara Bush was seen wearing at the inaugural ball after her husband’s election.

The pieces that are more expensive seem to continually increase in value. Now, it seems that many different fashion jewelry pieces are making a comeback as well. They are in demand for many collectors. These pieces are usually signed with the creator’s markings. Many also want those that are unsigned as well.

Fashion jewelry is very desirable and there is no denying this. We are going to tell you more about fashion jewelry right now.

A Primer On Different Forms Of Bead Craft

A good number of aspiring hobbyist choose bead craft activities as their diversion of choice, which can really let those creative juices start flowing. It may take some time and a lot of hard work and patience to make these complex bead craft designs, but the finished product would usually fetch a high value in the market. There are many different bead craft possibilities, some of which are featured in this article.

First, let’s discuss jewelry. This happens to be the most popular type of bead craft hobby. Everything from beaded earrings to necklaces and bracelets are widely available and are handmade by artisans around the world. Go to your town’s next craft show and you will notice a wide range of bead craft jewelry – you can also go online and see a lot of these exquisitely crafted, hand-threaded designs. Jewelry beads are available in a variety of metals, including goldtone, silvertone, genuine gold and genuine silver. Products used to create bead craft jewelry are typically found at most wholesalers that deal in jewelry findings.

Pocketbooks. If you have, then chances are you are aware of the hard work artisans put into these items. However, many do not realize this, but some pocketbooks are made completely of beading. These special purses made solely of beads are crafted with even more precision and effort than standard bead pocketbooks, and can fetch a very high value in the market, but any woman who buys one can certainly feel very classy just by owning this item.

Next, we have napkin rings to discuss. This is a bead craft hobby that is also very popular in this day and age. These rings are designed to hold a rolled napkin into place before dinner. As for bead craft napkin rings themselves, they are usually used for decorative purposes alone, but you can use them for many other purposes than the one illustrated above.

Need something to keep your hair stylish? It’s all about the added touches, right? When it comes to hair accessories, bead craft work is everywhere. It is commonly found in barretts and other hair embellishments that complete the perfect look.

Bead craft artists are everywhere once they have come up with some neat new designs for consumers – they are online at the auction sites and virtual stores, at brick and mortar hobby shops, and at craft shows all over their state or even on a national level. And there are even times when their crafts are sold at Macy’s and other large stores. A musician writes or sings songs, a painter paints on his or her canvas and a dancer has the wide open stage to showcase his or her moves, but a bead craft artist works with beads as their preferred medium of communication. Mistake them not, bead craft artists are just as skillful as any other comparable artist who uses a pencil or paints.

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Craft Beads in Bulk: Why You Should Consider It

In this difficult financial crunch, people are starting to look for any solution to bring in extra income. Even a job cannot sustain the difficult financial needs today. Hence, many people are turning to small business ideas to prepare for the rainy days. If you are looking for the best business ideas, you can try to craft beads in bulk. Not being a bead expert is no longer an excuse for people in dire need of a business.

A treat for your artistic side

To craft beads in bulk may be the break you need to treat that artistic side of you. Most people love the idea to simply sit down and create something out of their artistic juices.

Big returns on a small capital Starting a bead business can be one of the best business ideas. The starting capital is fairly low if you start off a small sized business. Apart from the low starting capital, there is also the possibility of big returns on your investment. This combo is the ideal requirement of people who wish to venture on a business.

Do not need high educational requirements

Where else can you find a profitable and enjoyable job without that strict requirement on education? Expensive diplomas or other diplomas are not even needed. A great reserve of creativity is your best reserve for this business.

You do not need to quit your day jobs

You do not need to lose your job because you want to start a business to craft beads in bulk. The hard times call on people to take advantage of any money making opportunity out there and quitting day jobs is an absurd thought in this economy. This business will not take you off of your jobs and can be a rich source of income at the same time.

Retirement issues are not a problem

Retired individuals may even look into this possibility to still rake in money even during retirement. There is not too much physical strain in this work and will be perfect even after retirement. This makes retirement age simply a number because it does not matter.

An aid to jobless individuals

This business idea could also save a lot of your jobless neighbors. Even your neighbours could help you out as you start on this business. Your neighbours will truly appreciate the extra source of income that you offer their way.

Where to find Craft Beads in Bulk .

What To Look For In Any Bead Jewelry Software Package

If you have a handmade bead jewelry business of any sort then you’ve probably learned that running a business is not always as easy as it could be. You probably have lots inventory, lots of customers, plenty of invoices to print and some messy methods for keeping track of all your materials including your wires, clasps and even beads. You probably enjoy making custom jewelry, but you’ve probably had a challenging time figuring out how much to offer your jewelry for and what pricing level gives you a decent profit margin.

There are actually a lot of different options you can use when it comes to choosing software to run your jewelry business, from homemade spread sheets and affordable databases to sophisticated jewelry store and software packages. This is where a good beaded jewelry program can be helpful. Here are three must-have features you’ll definitely want to have in any software package you purchase for your bead jewelry business:

Inventory Control: One of the most difficult aspects of operating a beaded jewelry business is handling inventory. Being able to keep track of what jewelry pieces and even what beads, wires and other items you have in you inventory is an important component of any jewelry software program. Keeping track of your beads will also allow you to monitor material costs and labor and help you set the correct price level for each beaded jewelry piece you make.

Invoice Printing and Client Tracking: Tracking customers is just as useful as being able to present your customers a professional receipt for their purchases. You do not want to give someone a little scrap of carbon paper with some chicken-scratch on it after they spend fifty dollars for an elegant beaded necklace and earring set. Being able to make professional and easy-to-read invoices helps make your home based jewelry business look more established. Repeat communication with your previous customers is a great way to let them know about sales and new jewelry creations you have made.

Low Cost: If you’re just establishing your jewelry business, then you should probably budget between $100 to $150 for your initial bead jewelry software package. You don’t want to pay too much and get useless features that you may never use, but you also don’t want to get the cheapest program available and find yourself outgrowing it quickly.

Any bead software program you buy should definitely have the features above as well as many others. Do not forget that the program you get should help you run your handcrafted jewelry business, increase your profit margin and actually give you more energy to do what you love best: creating and selling wonderful handcrafted jewelry!

Ready to learn more? Check out some bead jewelry software reviews and previews to see what sort of software is available!

Beadwork isn’t for sissies

Native Americans are the quintessential example of some of the early examples of beadwork. The brightly colored patterns that adorned ceremonial garments were made from tiny beads crafted from bones and shells. The early geometrical shapes were representations of the creatures Natives observed in their travels. Several triangles on top of each other may have been a tall tree. Several diamonds in a row connected by a line of color may have been a snake. When the Ursuline nuns introduced floral patterns to the local tribes, they became a mainstay in Native American beadwork. Since the beads were always made from bone, shell, antler and rock; it became an arduous process to even produce one bead. Europeans eventually started using crystal and glass beads as currency with the Natives, which changed the face of beadwork once again.

There is a tribe of Natives in Mexico who have bypassed the whole idea of threading beads on a string and gone a completely different way. Using a mixture of tree resin and beeswax, they attach beads one by one to solid surfaces. Common bead art forms include masks, bowls, gourds and wood carved figurines. The colorful and intricate patterns most often depict symbols from their religion, Huichol. As an aside, this tribe is also known for their ornate yarn painting. A method in which they carefully wind brightly colored yarn in patterns depicting legends and rituals.

Modern day beadwork is just as arduous as the ancient form but with bigger expectations. Marcus Amerman is celebrated beadwork artist as he pioneered the practice of highly realistic beaded portraits. His work is incredible. It is not in the traditional Native American form, and he receives criticism for that. But just taking a moment to appreciate the time, planning and the patience that go into each piece gives one a sense of awe. He uses a satirical touch in some creations, poking fun at his art and its evolutionary tie to the Native slave trade.

One form of beadwork that originates in Asia, is 3D beading. It is an highly complicated form of beading and if an experienced North American bead worker decided to give it a try, they would find the resources quite scant. Most 3D beading sources are written in Japanese or Chinese. This form of beadwork is also associated with a strong stigma of being too complex to manage. This may be due to the complicated beading patterns that are sparsely available. The diagrams are dense and confusing, even if you can read the language. If you do happen to tackle 3D beading, be prepared for crippled fingers and dimming eyesight. It takes a good amount of hand strength to complete a project and since the patterns use only seed beads, you may end up needing to see your optometrist by the time you finish.

Bead knitting is a growing trend today, especially with the increased popularity of knitting. It is a type of knitting in which the stitches are decorated with beads. Victorian ladies started adding adornment to their woven purses and it evolved from there. The biggest benefit with this form of knitting is that a lovely colorful effect can be applied to your project without having to use a different ball of yarn. The technique requires double-pointed needles and the beads to be threaded on before the row is started.

Before someone scoffs at hearing of beadwork as an art form or as being difficult, they should first educate themselves on the mechanics of the practice. The beads themselves are difficult to make. Even the popular Swarovski crystal beads are an art form in themselves. To take tiny bits of crystal (or bone or antler or wood), fashion them into breathtaking works of art and then be crippled or near sighted by the end, well that is not an art form for sissies.

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5 Great Christmas Beading Projects

Christmastime is a time of year when friends and families gather together. Often it is a time when the different generations can reconnect and children can spend time with their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Keeping everyone occupied and entertained can sometimes be a challenge. If your family has a creative flair then a great idea is to do some craft projects together. Beads provide some great festive ideas for creative projects. Here are a few ideas for Christmas beading projects.

Christmas Tree Decorations

There are several holiday beading kits that can be adapted to create Christmas decorations. Beading kits that make up pendants such as snowmen, angels, toy soldiers and Christmas trees are ideal for decorations. Get several different beading kits and make up the individual pendants. To be able to hang the pendants on the tree, use some satin ribbon to create a loop which you can tie off on a branch. The crystal pendants will catch the light and turn your Christmas tree into a sparkling masterpiece. If you want, you can also buy individual beads and string them together to create your own unique decorations. With a bit of wire and creativity, you can put together a beautiful glittering beaded star for the top of your tree. You can form different shapes with the wire and add beads to them to form all kinds of creative Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Parents are always looking for new ideas to fill the childrens Christmas stockings. Beading kits are a great idea for girls. If you want to keep the festive theme going, get a kit where the person can make a holiday pendant or set of earrings featuring a snowman or Christmas angel. Alternatively, there is a wide variety of other kits that feature jewelry items for all occasions. If you know that your niece, for example, likes fairies and princesses then you can get her some beads so she can make her very own princess fairy necklace and bracelet set.

Table Decorations

A fun beading project to get the whole family involved is to create table decorations for Christmas dinner. Some ideas include making small individual trinkets to hang around the stem or handle of each glass. Often guests will put their glass down and then not be able to remember which one was theirs. By having an individual decorative marker on each glass, you can easily identify which glass is which. Make sure that each decorative beaded marker is distinctive so it is easy to tell them apart, even after a few glasses of eggnog. Another idea is to make serviette holders. String a few red and green beads together on some ribbon and tie it around napkins. This creates a stylish look for your table that doesn’t take too much time and effort to put together.

Fun Gifts for Guests

To add to the festive spirit, you can present each one of your guests with a gift as they arrive. Ladies can receive a pair of dangling Christmas tree, angel or snowman earrings. The men can receive a pendant that they can pin onto their shirt. The earrings or pendants are inexpensive and can be put together in no time at all. Get the kids to help out and choose who gets what. You can choose a different type of gift for each guest so each person gets something special to remember your Christmas celebrations.

Special Christmas Candles

Candles always add to the atmosphere of a room. Instead of using plain candles, you can decorate them with some sparkling beads. Choose colors that will suit your theme and beads that have a flat back so you can easily attach them to the candle. One idea is to create a colorful string of beads that you simply wrap around the base of the candle like a wreath. This idea is suitable for long thin candles as well as larger candles. If you want to get a little more creative, get a large candle and then create decorative patterns on the side of it. Remember to position the patterns near the base of the candle so the beads won’t get affected as it burns. This idea works well with a broad-based candle. You can also use beads to brighten up a plain glass candle holder. The beads will reflect the light of the burning candle and create a sparkling effect.

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What You Should Know About Wholesale Beads

Making crafts is a popular way to reduce stress and anxiety, get your mind active, and also pass time, plus it is just plain fun. One particular craft that’s extremely enjoyable is jewelry making. This is a craft hobby you are able to do by yourself, share with children, or accomplish alongside good friends.

When you start producing your very own jewelry one of the most critical components is your beads. These make up the entire structure of your jewelry and therefore are a significant component of this hobby. When you attempt to locate wholesale beads there are actually various things that you need to bear in mind.

Less is often more. Whenever you see an excellent offer on something that is just far too good to be true, it often is. Attempt to avoid internet sites that offer coupons and good deals when you buy $100 worth of merchandise. Yes you might ultimately require that many beads however if the requirement isn’t urgent try to hold off. This is actually more for new jewelry makers. If you know for sure that you have the funds for bulk purchases and that you will require that many beads, go for it. From time to time the deals are well worth that added bit of money.

Look for good quality. Simply because an item is just 99 cents doesn’t really mean that you need to purchase it. At times you will get an excellent bargain similar to this but typically when a product is selling for that cheap it is mainly because it is poorly manufactured. Consider purchasing products that are a little more expensive since this denotes a bit of added quality. Purchasing in bulk and at wholesale prices can be a little bit thrilling and if you don’t keep high quality in mind you might end up getting a bunch of junk.

Wholesale does not invariably indicate it is coming from America. Even though products from other countries are generally not really a concern, everyone remembers the bead scare several years back when a number of beads coming from China had lead in them. Whenever you buy wholesale, odds are they are coming straight from a producer that is typically abroad. This will mean you get a far better deal but that you also need to wait quite a little bit longer for it to get shipped to you.

The web is your number one ally. There are not many stores that make it possible for you to buy beads at wholesale. That’s exactly why the web is often your most important asset. You should use this source just as much as you possibly can. The internet offers you accessibility to websites and merchants that you may never have come across in person and that offers you that many more possibilities to locate exactly what you want. In the event you keep these basic principles in mind you should have the ability to get the best wholesale beads for your personal crafting requirements.

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