How to Appraise a Sewing Machine

Before you purchase sewing machine it is highly recommended that you read the various online sewing machine reviews. This way, you will learn of the pros and cons of the type, model or brand that you want to purchase. The leading names in the sewing machine industry such as Brother, Singer and Janome feature highly in most if not all the sewing machine ratings. At the market you are very likely to find very many models and types of viewing machines from these three sewing machine manufacturers

Because it is not possible to review and every model of the giant sewing machine manufacturers such as Janome, Singer and Brother, most sewing machine reviews search for the flagship models of a certain products line and review them. This acts the general reference of the sewing machine brands or models within that line.

In compiling and collating information for the sewing machine reviews, the review companies consider an array of factors including level of computerization, quality of build, the stitches from the automated functions, motor power, needles and threading to mention only a few. It is important to consider these factors when you want to purchase sewing machine.

The best sewing machine reviews follow the comparative system whereby they provide objective insights of the advantages of a certain sewing machine over the others or the advantages of one sewing machine manufacturer over another. The reviews should also inform you about the price because most of the buyers are likely to consider the price of the sewing machine before the other factors. The following are some of the highly rated sewing machines in most sewing machine ratings

BROTHER PC-240: this sewing machine is popular because of its good various features such as 294-stretch, decorative utility stitches which are pre-programmed. Selection of stitches is through the simple press of button. Within the memory of the machine you can create and store your most favorite designs.

Janome 7330 Magnolia: this is a computerized sewing machine which has 30 in-built stitch designs. In is undoubtedly one of the best sewing machines in the market. In most sewing machine reviews it has been described by most users as a user friendly and rich machine. Its bright LED display makes the choosing of the stitches very easy. It displays very clearly the stitch number that you are using. The users of this sewing machine can feed various types of fabric ranging from the light weight silk to the heavy denim.

JUKI THREAD OVERLOCK: this is a two-needle, high-speed, two/three/four-thread and powerful sewing machine which is rated highly in most sewing machine ratings. The lower lopper threads automatically; this makes the conversion in to the roll hems and decorative stitching easy. For the safety of beginners, it cannot run until its doors are fully closed.

Brother 1034D: this is one of the best sewing machines because more than 94% of its reviewers have given it rating of four or five stars. It has been described as a machine which is highly versatile and designed to discharge effectively and fulfill various needs of sewing.

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Precisely What is So wrong With Any of These Rainy Day Activities for Kids?

So what exactly is not right with any of these rainy day activities for kids? Finger painting, making play dough, the wonder of balloons, taking part in indoors baseball (ikes…: )), building an indoor sand box.

You know what? Nothing at all is wrong with these activities! Fact is that nearly every adventure you can plan for your kids is going to deliver a reward. But don’t you want your son or daughter to get all they can from the time period you have to share with your kids? My wife and I surely did and our daughter sought the exact same for her boys also.

I’m a dad as well as a grandfather of three (ikes again) and my better half and I fully understand as a result of experience exactly how reduced our time often is & organizing really well thought through rainy day activities for kids usually takes “time”. we investigated this until such time as our eye balls started hurting and finally, my wife and I incredibly uncovered just what I’d been in search of.

Very Fun and Interactive Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Indeed, very creative as well as entertaining concepts had been the important elements I’d been searching for. Our youngsters all possess fantastic creative minds, however for some, it has to be encouraged out from them. Some simply just proceed with their thoughts and feelings.

Our 2 1/2 yr old grandson grabbed one of those big magnification glasses 1 day and started peering through it and abruptly said…”inspector”…I began giggling and then asked the little fella exactly what he meant by that.

He then started walking through the family room searching thru the magnifying glass peering at the carpeting, then simply ground to a halt, looked up toward us all and proclaimed….”shush, inspecting for footprints”.

So I played the role of his associate and covered each room with carpeting trying to find those pesky yet effectively hidden footprints. Needless to say, we all broke up. That is an example of their imaginative tiny minds working.

A Box of Rainy Day Activities for Kids!

So what exactly did we luckily find? I discovered the Holy Grail of preschooler activities, as I have referred to it before. It’s a theme based group of very creative entertaining fun-filled activities inside a box! These preset themes for each and every month come packaged inside a box with absolutely everything you could possibly require, right down to string or glue or what ever is called for in the task.

Remember that I stated it takes some time for activity preparation? Time to think of ideas, time to gather whatever you need for these fun-filled activities, and then time to pull it off in a manner that will keep your preschoolers engaged as well as excited. I really like the concept of getting a very well planned out package of exciting activities all ready to go, and it is working for all of us.

And so the final point here is that while virtually all activities may be entertaining and good for your son or daughter, there is an additional stage to making fantastic rainy day activities for kids, or any day kids activities come to think of it. I would like to recommend that you go ahead and click the link beneath & learn more about the idea. It’s pretty darn cool!

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Exactly How A Nice Shelf Mount Does The Job

Shelves are very common part of houses and are generally found almost at every alternate room. Their installation is normally very simple, and comprises of mainly affixing your shelf bracketing to the wall.

Brackets of these shelves mainly stick to the wall, but there are other types present that can be moved about after fixing them.

Finding brackets doesn’t create much problem for customer. they are easily available at every retail store, and can be purchased in conjunction with the whole set of shelf or separately, in addition to different strengths and style. They are made from wood or metal.

Brackets are produced in almost all types that go with the outlook of an environment. They can be very traditional, or can be very stylish, to go with the taste of the place and customer. They are available for almost all parts of the house.

For the items that need shelves, different properties are present for the customer, which might come at the expense of other properties.

There are places of the house where the items to be placed are done so only for safekeeping. For example garages, where you’d only want them to be located at your convenience. Simple and plain shelves are the best option for these types.

If you’re really interested in spending on shelves, you can do so for places that are more open. Bedrooms and bathrooms are more often visited by members of family and relatives than garages or study rooms. Selecting a good decorative design is better for such cases.

Although the types defined above are used mainly for shelving purposes, it is not a bad option to think a little out of box and go for it in cases where you require only simple display of your items. For these purposes, styling and decorative shelves are mostly preferred, and adds to the beauty of items.

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Getting Started With Night Photography

Taking a photo is not as easy as focusing on the subject and then clicking the camera. It takes quite a lot to be adept at this craft. Building the right skills often need lessons and instinct. We strongly recommend that amateur photographers take the right lessons and practice accordingly in order to be well versed in photography basics.

Amateur photographers, as well as some of the experienced ones, have difficulty with night photography, and with good reason – they are dealing with shadows and the difficulty in finding the subject in the darkness of the night. Below are some tips that any amateur photographer can use to master night photography.

Shoot Safely

The shooting process would always start with the photographer looking for the best possible location to start shooting. Remember that if you are going to do the shoot, you will have valuable equipment with you. Many locations, particularly inner city locations can be very dangerous in the evening. Never underestimate your safety and that of your equipment. You will benefit from having one or two people with you, due to the fact that you need to shoot in the evening, and not in the daytime with artificial lighting.

Bring Spare Batteries

Another reminder is that batteries often run out easily in cold conditions, so it is best to carry an extra or if you have none, try to fully charge your batteries before going out of the house and proceeding with the shoot. Night time weather can also lead to moisture seeping inside your camera, so a durable case for your camera can also come in handy.

Additional Equipment To Bring

Cameras with manual exposure settings, such as SLR (single lens reflex) cameras are ideal to bring along during the night time for your photo shoot. It is not advisable to use an automatic camera – more often than not, they lack the required specifications and power to work well in the darkness. A tripod, particularly one with a rubber leg, can be brought along to avoid slippage. And since you will need to leave the shutter speed open, bring a cable release with you as well.

Dealing With Longer Exposures

When taking black and white photos in the evening, take note that longer exposures are needed, as opposed to ordinary lighting. If you’re using color film, you don’t need to worry about this obstacle.

Use Of Flash

“Painting with light” is a technique used by many photographers, by using hand-held flashes to supplement the moon’s often meager light giving for photography. Other more sophisticated ones may also use movie lights and torches as additional lights.

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Cold Process Soap Making vs. Hot Process Soap Making

We are in an age when people have become more concerned about the chemical contents of the products that they use. Because of this, soap manufacturers began producing soap products that “contain” organic materials such as milk, flower petals, fruits, etc. However, natural and organic soap products are usually more expensive than regular soaps making it unaffordable to many. The best way to have access to green soap products is to make the soap yourself! Soap making is very rewarding because apart from the power it gives you to fully-customize the contents of your soap; it also gives you the opportunity to earn from something that is fun to do! The raw materials used in making the soap are so much cheaper than the cost of the actual soap products already sold in the market. Thus, you get to save money by making your own soap for your own consumption plus you can sell your surplus soap to other people. There’s so much about soap making that many people are drawn into it. If you are already one of these people then this article is perfect for you. Two known soap making methods are becoming very popular these days and this article will talk about the difference between these processes.

Two very popular soap making methods can be used at home: 1. Cold Process 2. Hot Process

Essentially, both methods require the same ingredients and materials, except for one thing: the presence and absence of external heat in the saponification phase of the soap being made. Saponification refers to the entire phase in which the ingredients chemically react against each other producing the soap mixture in the process. The main ingredients that make up soap regardless of its scent and other additives are lyre and the oils. Lyre is a highly corrosive alkaline chemical; it is also the ingredient that gives the soap its cleaning power. The oils comprise most of the soap mass. When lyre is mixed with water, it naturally causes the water to heat up; this heat catalyzes the saponification phase in the cold process method. However, in the hot process method, the heat that is chemically produced by the lyre-water mixture is aided by an external heat source thus giving the impression that the mixture is being “cooked”.


While both methods have its own share of advantages and disadvantages, it is helpful if you weigh these factors depending on your needs. For example, if you need to express your creativity in the soap that you make and you want to add swirls of colors and other designs into your creation, then it is most advisable for you to use the cold process method. The external heat added in the hot process method makes the setting of the soap mixture faster that it will become very difficult for most crafters to incorporate their design ideas into the drying soap mixture because it dries up too quickly. The resulting soap is also hard as compared to the creamy soap that the cold process method produces.


When you want to use your soaps right away then it is best if you use the hot process soap making method. Cold processed soaps have to be cured (allow to set) for 30 to 45 days before they can be used. However, hot processed soaps can be use right after they solidify.

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Choosing The Right Piano

Buying a piano for yourself is a great way for anyone to improve their performance skills. Pianos can cost a whole lot of money, so before you go out and buy, make sure you’ve gone through all the options and chosen a piano that fits all your needs. It’s essential that you are one hundred percent decided, because these costly investments can backfire if you don’t choose the right model.

Is your piano too large, or just the right size to fit in your living room or music room? A grand piano, for instance, would be perfect for larger music rooms and living rooms, while you may have to go with an upright piano for smaller rooms. Obviously there are expensive and less expensive in both categories, but it is crucial firstly to understand your requirements to refine your search.

After you’ve decided between upright and grand classifications according to your space, you should begin to look at the models themselves. You should ideally opt for a piano with a full sized keyboard, so disregard anything of a small size unless this seems more appropriate for some other reason. Next, look for a piano that is towards the top end of your budget. This will give you some assurances as to the expected quality of the piano, and should allow you to gauge which seem more reliable models.

You will then want to ask the dealer if you can test the piano for yourself. Ask the music dealer if he’d allow you to play. This should let you get a feel for the way the piano sits, and to see how it feels in comparison to your playing style. There is no more important feature to consider when buying a piano than how it feels for you. After all, you’re the one going to be playing it at the end of the day.

If you need any help in further sorting out your options, you can ask the music assistant for help. Usually, their advice will be sufficient to point you in the right direction and lead you to a quality model. Always remember the assistant’s advice, though don’t commit into buying unless you’re 100% sure. Shop around, and ask at various places about what kind of piano you should be looking for in your price range and specification, and you’ll eventually establish a common denominator. Do your homework before you buy, to make sure you find the best value for your money.

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Finding The Artist In You

Are you a firm believer in the beauty of your art? Then you probably are. Discard negativity. What you create is what defines you. So if you have the soul of an artist within you, it’s important to feed that gift and make art. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece sold for thousands at a gallery. Paper and pencil are simple components of beginning a piece of art.

Career may not always be a choice for artists, it may be a hobby of choice. If making art has not been a regular part of your life so far, here are some ideas to kick your creative juices into high gear and make you the artist that you know you are.


Part of the creative process is getting your ideas down on paper. Sketchbooks are a popular item among many great artists. Don’t be afraid to jot down ideas, scribbles, thoughts, and images whenever the mood strikes. Carefully analyze drawings of the past and include new designs that can bring it to life.

Carrying a sketchbook is a habit to form today. A medium sized book that may fit in a small bag, but is big enough for art is idea. Include a quality tool to sketch with on your paper. Art Journalism

Putting your imagination on paper, no matter how, is known as art journalism. You can make your own art journal by sewing together sheets of paper or you can select a store-bought book. Find what is right for you.

Mixed media collages are a way to create an art journal. Use paper or a whole book to create a collage. Pages should be coated with water-base paint that is colorful. Choose a few colors to blend. Let the paint dry. Using a glue stick, glue a collage of images that you have cut or torn from magazines, old photos, postcards, junk mail or any other item you can find. Once the collage is down, you can add more images or words using paint and ink. Air drying and heat drying items only make a difference in the time it takes to dry the item.

Decorative Sketches

Randomly drawing doodles on a paper is creating art. Doodling is about making a simple design and then decorating it. An artist can strategize their doodling by incorporating intricate designs in a pattern of shapes or designs around a word or name. Build your concept on an item with little significance. Using a pen, close in open spaces. When you are done, you will find that you have created something that is interesting to look at.

Save anything you create, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Loose items should be put in the same place as all your other art. Put references on your art work such as notes and the date and other things that helped you compose this piece of art. Be proud of all your work.

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Be A Better Photographer With The Right Lenses

For most photographers the most important factor in their photography is the sharp quality of their images. In order to reach these high standards, it’s important to use the right lenses for the right occasion. These are the different types of lenses used by photographers, and how they work and when you would normally need to use them.

By far the most common lens used is the standard lens. A standard lens has a focal length between 40 mm and 60 mm, which can be used for all types of photography. These lenses are very flexible – so don’t leave home without leaving your standard lens on the camera body.

Telephoto zoom lenses are ideal for nature photographers, as this is perfect for taking wildlife pictures. A telephoto zoom lens has a 60 mm to 300 mm focal length, and is ideal not only for wildlife photography, but also for sports photography. The telephoto lens is able to capture both objects at far away distances, as well as landscape images.

You can use this lens for close-ups, but be careful with your composition. Your picture could suffer from blank patches where areas of the actual image should have been.

Never forget to use a tripod when using a telephoto lens on your camera. Resting the lens on objects such as bean bags would have similar effects if you don’t have a tripod.

Wide-angle lens: is the choice of most landscape photographers. The focal length of these lenses is 17mm to 40mm, and they would allow the user to take up as much space horizontally as needed for a landscape shot. You would need to move closer to the object which you wish to make your foreground if you’re using a particularly wide lens. There are also ultra wide-angle lenses which have a focal length ranging from 8 to 28 mm.

Macro lenses average 100mm focal length and are best suited for extreme close-up photographs. Use a macro lens if you’re a nature photographer taking pictures of small animals like insects, as well as flowers. You can also make abstract images with the help of a macro lens. Create abstract figures with your photography by using an aperture – a wide one, preferably – with your macro lens.

Be careful with focusing when using a macro lens, it is tough on a good day and can be impossible if the weather is windy.

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The Beauty Of Crochet

Many people, when hearing the word crochet, instantly conjure the image of an elderly woman sitting in a chair, crochet hook held firmly in arthritic fingers as she concocts another table doily. Some older women truly seem to have a special gift when it comes to crochet, and that’s probably due to the fact that it was a skill sent down for generations. Even if the art of crochet is now rarely passed along in families any more, it is a beautiful, peaceful activity.

Today, it is common to find simple crochet patterns added to designs. From home decor to today’s fashion, the addition of simple crochet – either as the complete design or as a supplemental touch – can make an item truly unique. Tablecloths and dresses are only some of the items that can be improved by simple crochet patterns.

As the eye of the world continues to look towards Hollywood to see what the young, rich, and famous are wearing, we find the resurgence of simple crochet as a fashion statement. It is increasingly common to see movie starts wearing crochet patterns as they stroll over the red carpet.

In the real world, we might not be able to afford creations from the best designers, but we can still wear items that feature crochet. A simple crochet evening bag is always a touch of elegance. Crochet is also available on formal and casual clothing designs.

For those who want to learn the art of crochet, you need go no further than your local craft store. You can find all you need – both instructional and physical materials such as yarn and hook – in a craft store near you. It is also possible for you to find classes where you can learn the basics from the crochet masters.

You will reap many benefits from learning how to crochet. You will learn a new, rewarding hobby and great skills. And you will learn how to be creative. With a pattern of simple crochet, everything in your world will take on a different, more classical look.

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Choosing A Musical Instrument For Your Child

In order to encourage their children’s musical development, many parents encourage their children to play a musical instrument.

It is often the keyboard when it comes to the first instrument. Even the interest of young children can be stimulated by these reasonably priced instruments. Since some of the very low cost keyboards are limited, it may be wise to ask your school teacher for advice. For the more expensive keyboards, if they’re hit less hard then they play softer notes much like a piano.

It’s possible for your child to enjoy a particular instrument’s sound. It’s preferable to go with the child’s ideas since this is a major motivational factor. A lot of children would change their minds in the instrument they play during the first few years of their music education.

Many children may find it easier to play woodwind instruments like a clarinet than brass instruments like trumpets and trombones. Unlike brass players, woodwind instruments don’t require lip vibrations.

Most children’s choice of instrument is a matter of chance. It depends on what instrument a visiting music tutor favors.

There are more professional violinists than players of any other instrument. Because of this, parents would often encourage their children to learn to play the violin. But it’s tricky business to buy a violin.

You can buy a violin for less than 70 dollars on the Internet. Should you buy it? No. Don’t confuse a violin for a pair of shoes. You can buy and use shoes and once they wear out, you can throw them away. Violins can last for hundreds of years if they’re well-made. It’s not reliable to buy a $70 violin because you’ll end up throwing it away. Don’t waste your $70 on a violin that’s not reliable.

Wait and see if your child takes up the violin or any instrument before you buy one so for now, it’s better to just rent the instrument. That is the point at which you should consider buying.

Buying the best instrument you can afford is important. Linked with tonal quality is price. Listen to a range of violins, pianos or trumpets being played by the musician in the retailers. You will notice differences between the different instruments. Always buy a musical instrument you and your child like the sound from. With musical training, your child’s ear will be attuned to any deficiency in the instrument that you buy and this may cause the detraction from the pleasure of playing it.

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How To Make A Beaded Necklace Through Easy Steps

If you are into the bead craft at all, you will definitely need to be aware of how to create a beaded choker. Whether for yourself to put on, for your colleagues, your daughters, or for your customers, you will want to find out how to make a necklace especially since they are the most fashionable beading pieces that people wear and will spend their money on.

Following is a list of the materials that you will require. These are fairly common bead craft items, so you may as well pick them up now! You will require flat nose pliers, jewelry string, a beading needle, beading threads, spacer beads, the beads of your preference, scissors, and craft adhesive. Now that you got all of the materials you will adhere to these easy procedures to make your necklace.

1. Now that you have the supplies you will need, you will take your beading thread and figure out how long you will prefer your necklace to be. As you have decided on a length you will want to add about 3-4 extra inches so that as you add the hooks you will still have the required length.

2. You can now begin adding the beads that you like and can try various things until you are happy with the appearance of your beads. Now you can use the space beads in between your other beads to give them spacing in between each bead. You will also need a clasp and two bead tips, which are used to lock the ends of your necklace so that the clasp can be attached.

3. Once you have identified the look of your beads you can put a loop on the end of the string and use the scissors to cut off any excess thread that is there. Be sure to make a tight knot so that it does not untie itself and becomes loose. Then you will put the craft glue to the knot so that it is tied and in place.

4. Now you will use the pliers to fasten the hook into a beaded hook so that the loops at the edge of each one are joined. You will then use the pliers to secure one ring over the other and will keep doing this until you have done all of the clasps.

Now that you have a simple step on how to make a beaded necklace, you will be able to do this for yourself or for selling purposes. There are so many people that are into the bead craft collection and are ready to pay for a fine piece of jewelry, so whether or not you are making it for yourself or not, it is a hobby that you can turn into a nice business opportunity.

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Why It’s Important For Photographers To Develop Great People Skills

Photographers need more skills than pushing the shutter down. Photographers also need to make their client feel comfortable while doing their job. That’s where one’s people skills come in handy.

A photographer needs both skills and talents to take attention grabbing pictures. You can say that photography is an art and a business all in one. But if you don’t want your business to suffer, then you need to have people skills. If you want your photography business to succeed, then you need to make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed. You people skills will help you make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s possible for them to come back and be your long-term clients if they feel comfortable taking pictures with you. However, you may lose your clients if you fail to make them feel comfortable.

Great People Skills for Photographers

The Importance of Eye Contact: Line up the shot then step away from the camera if you’re going to take someone’s picture when using a tripod. Instruct them on their mood, angle, or position all the while keeping your eye contact with them. This technique is a lot better than talking to your client while looking through the camera. Talking to them while looking through your camera can make them feel along and uncomfortable. You can make your clients feel comfortable by keeping eye contact and speaking in a relaxed tone. Keep in mind that your client may not want to return if they have to talk to the camera for the whole session because it made them feel uncomfortable.

The Importance of Interaction. It’s very important not to let things run dry and keep the interaction going throughout the entire session. Make them feel like they’re talking to a friend while you instruct them on their position. If you want to earn their trust, then watch the tone of your voice, make good conversation, and make sure your body language projects a relaxed attitude. If you’re a shy person then this could be a challenge for you. But you can still learn how to be more open with your clients. You can practice your people skills alone or with friends and family. You can try imagining yourself as the client and imagine how they would feel.

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Seeing An Artist’s Point Of View

Sketches have taken viewers by surprise with its ability to come to life using only a pencil and paper. So how do they do it? Yes, some people are born with this gift, but it is something that anyone can learn.

Physical portrayals usually succeed

The first thing for the beginning artist to learn is that artists use a different vocabulary than the rest of the population when they are working. The trick is that they never name the object they are looking at. Significant, yet simple for those learning how to see. If you can see, you can draw.

Drawing a face could be your first task. What you may see with your eyes may not be what you can produce. This will clarify it. Artists don’t say to themselves ‘I am drawing a nose,’ because all noses are different. The overall structure and size of the nose should be analyzed more. Attention to detail is the number one concern of many artists. While they are looking at the details of line and shape, they continually look at the whole to determine how the line relates to the space and proportion of the rest of the face.

It’s All in Your Head

The right side of the brain must be dominant to improve the flow of your drawings as discussed and recorded by Betty Edwards in “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.”

The right and left side are two diverse components of the human brain. Organization and judgment is based on the left side of the brain. Whatever it sees, it tries to repeat in words. Logic wins interviews through impressionable behavior.

On the other hand, the right side of the brain doesn’t think in words. It sees shapes, space, distance…sound familiar? Indeed. It has a creative perception Creation of art is achieved by how you use your right brain. Examine an item without labeling before you get started. Think of it in terms of lines that bend and curve. Determine the position of a line. Estimate the length of a line and its shape.

Review Every Inch of the Model

Pay close attention to the object. Locate a specific line to draw in its exact form on paper. Art teachers prefer artists to examine their item instead of focusing on looking at the paper. Don’t worry about the details yet, just concentrate on the line. When the image is properly produced, any additional items may be added.

Comfort in this field takes a significant amount of practice. Work hard at it. There are many things that you can do with drawing.

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Scrap-booking To Give As Gifts

Through scrap-booking, you have learned many new ways to display your pictures. If everyone raves about your abilities as a scrap-booking genius, you might want to create a scrapbook to give as a gift for those who don’t have the talent or the time to make beautiful keepsakes like you do!

Everyone can go to a store and buy a gift for a loved one. But there is something special about giving a gift you have made yourself, as it shows you really care.

Do you know of any anniversaries coming up for your friends or family? A first year wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to gift the bride and groom with a scrapbook celebrating their life together.

An older couple might also enjoy a scrapbook highlighting the joys of the years they have spent together. Put together a scrapbook that shows as much as you can share about the couple, but add some blank pages so that each of them can add their own memories to the scrapbook form their own perspective.

Milestone birthday parties are special occasions, and they would be great to give some one a scrapbook as a gift. Someone turning 40 would enjoy an “Over-the-Hill” scrapbook that shows their lives up to that point – providing they have a good sense of humor.

A scrapbook sharing special moments in the workplace would be great for someone getting ready to retire. Since many look at their workplace as a second home, and their co-workers as extended family, they would surely enjoy a scrapbook that can remind them of the good times at work.

You could feature the theme of ladder climbing, and show their pattern of promotions over the years. It would be nice to leave a few blank pages where photos and mementos from the retirement party can be added.

Scrapbooks always make wonderful holiday gifts. They’re easy and fun to make and show you put a lot of thought into the gift. Scrapbooks can magically take someone you love on a brief journey down memory lane, filling them with joy from reliving a treasured moment.

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Learn How To Develop Your Technical Skills In Nature Photography

Photography is the art of creating a special medium beyond your self-expression. When choosing your subject for photography, choose it with taste and appreciate the beauty behind it. If you have enough skills and know-how when it comes to the technical side of photography, then this just might be a lucrative way to earn a living and put food on the table.

One of the most interesting forms of photography is nature photography. It thrills every photographer with its mystery and the beauty of wildlife. One of the most amusing subjects for nature photographers are the birds. Bird behavior has had great impact on pictures. Many photographers and non-photographers are enchanted by the simple motion of a bird in flight.

Here are some guides that will help you focus on improving your skill in capturing images on these magnificent creatures of nature.

Ask yourself what interests you as a photographer. It always helps to research about your topics first. You should learn more about birds by investing on a good birding guide. This will help you know more about their behavior, breeding season, and bird eating habits.

You should always keep your subjects well being in mind. Avoid those instances that create stress on your images. If you really need to catch the bird in action, don’t catch it in an unnatural state, always allow it some time to recover. There are many reasons why a bird may be stressed when being photographed, and one of this is nesting season, where birds may see you and your camera as potential predators.

You should make your vehicle as your just like your camera an accessory. Who knows – birds are fickle creatures, and sometimes they could see your car or truck as less of a threat than the person driving it. You should learn how to be patient in finding the right place where the birds can accept the presence of your vehicle.

Fast shutter speed cameras can serve as an additional boost. This device is good in taking great bird images. Most birds are fast and can disappear quickly in the air. You can get good quality with a 1/500 speed camera. Such speeds can easily capture sudden bird movements.

Make the most out of your surroundings when taking bird pictures. Most backyards are home to many species of birds, so you can start out there and not have to spend a dime. You can get great practice shots that could even become actual shots as you continue to improve your photography technique.

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Canvas Primer

What is Oil Paint?

The combination of pigments with oil creates oil paint. Originally, artists combined diverse pigments and oils to create paint, but today many manufactures utilize linseed oil as a main component of paint.

Images are constructed by the combination of blends and layers of oil paints. You do not have to be a genius at art to create an oil painting.

Oil paints take longer to dry than water-based paints. The moisture in oil paints do not evaporate like water-based paints. Depending on the moisture present in the atmosphere, oil can dry at a different rate. This is benefit if you want to blend colors but are working on a project that cannot be complete in one sitting. A negative side to oil paint is meeting client deadlines while it is still wet. It’s not smart to rush on an oil painting. You can ruin your painting.

A Little History

The painters of old, such as Van Eyck, DaVinci, Titian, and Tintoretto, all made their own oil paints by mixing pigment found in plants, flowers, and other ingredients and then boiling the oil, or baking it in the sun. Unique mixtures were created by an assortment of ingredients or wax. It wasn’t until the mid 1800′s that paint production was industrialized and produced in tubes with caps, similar to the way we buy them today.

When tube-packaged paints debuted artists were able to utilize their time better. Pre-made paints made it easier to finish projects in a timely manner. Painting was not the same to artists after this. An assortment of color, an increase in free time and flexibility was a direct result of packaged paints. The introduction of this new concept aided the beginning of the impressionist movement.

Creating Art with Oil Paint

Stay away from stuffy areas. It is hard to get rid of the smell of oil paints. Even though a paint chemical may say odorless, it may not have a preferable scent.

Canvases and palettes are important to painters, but light is an important factor in how a painting turns out. Paint areas should have a nice amount of light. Find a space with natural light before turning on any lighting.

Canvas paintings are generally oil paintings. Primer is needed even for oil paints on a canvas to prevent fibers from quickly absorbing oil. Use gesso to prime an art canvas. Gesso is a water-based paint. Apply at least two thin coats to your canvas, allowing each coat to thoroughly dry.

Once the gesso has dried, it is time to jump in and begin your painting. You can apply the paint using a brush, a palette knife, your fingers, or whatever works for your. You can draw the image on the canvas first or just apply the paint and see where it leads. Have a passion for your painting.

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Buying Your Child’s First Musical Instrument

Children love to try out new things, and musical instruments are no exception. Children often love the idea of playing a musical instrument, but getting them to practice regularly can be a significant chore.

It’s been known that children who play musical instruments do better in certain things like composition, math, spelling, and reading. Children who play musical instruments tend to have higher levels of self confidence, so encouraging your child to play a musical instrument is always a good idea. But if you insist your child to play, you can be met with refusal and resistance to practice. To prevent your child from being a resentful player, don’t impose punishments just because they didn’t practice or are not playing very well.

Rather than assign a musical instrument for them, let your child choose as children are likely to change to their minds. Participating in a rent to own musical program will provide you with basic guidelines for the time your child decides which instrument to stick to and giving them the freedom to change their minds about the instruments they play.

Often, children would choose popular musical instruments. You may want to encourage them to try something a little more unique or something they are completely unfamiliar with. Very few are familiar with harps, cellos, or bassoons because the instruments they’re familiar with are pianos, drums, and guitars.

You can take your child to a qualified music store if they’re having difficulty deciding what to play because there are people there who can explain instruments as well as give demonstrations.

When your child has finally settled on what musical instrument they wish to play and begin the process, frustration is normal. It looks so easy when other people play musical instruments. A good musical instrument instructor will take them slow enough through the process that they won’t get overwhelmed, but they will also avoid boring them. To receive a better response, a musical instructor should mix more popular music with the classics.

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Sewing Machine Reviews

Are you contemplating investing in a new sewing machine? If so, it is best to read as much sewing machine reviews testimonials as you can so you can have more details about the pros and cons of the sewing machines available in the market. Most new sewing machine ratings websites rank the sewing machine well known and popular sewing machine brands such as Brother, Singer and Janome very highly. These three sewing machine producers have very many kinds of sewing machines.

Because it’s extremely hard to review every model of the giant sewing machine suppliers such as Janome, Singer and Brother, most sewing machine reviews search for the flagship models of a particular products line and review them. This acts the general reference of the sewing machine brands or models within that line.

The review companies contemplate various components in performing their new sewing machine. These factors include computerization levels, build quality, the stitches accompanied by the programmed functions, threading, motor power and needles to say only a few. You must also consider these aspects in your choice of sewing machine.

The most effective sewing machine evaluations adhere to the comparative system whereby they furnish objective insights of the features of a specific sewing machine over the others or the advantages of one sewing machine manufacturer over another. The evaluations should also notify you in regards to the price as most of the buyers are likely to consider the price of the sewing machine prior to the other factors. Listed below are a number of the highly rated sewing machines in most sewing machine ratings

Brother PC-240: this machine has lots of useful features. It has 294-stretch, decorative and utility stitches that are already developed in to the sewing machine so that the users can easily select the perfect stitches through the simple press of button. You also can make your preferred stitch designs and then save them in to the memory space of the machine.

Janome 7330 Magnolia: this is a computerized sewing machine which has 30 in-built stitch designs. It really is undoubtedly among the finest sewing machines in the marketplace. In most sewing machine testimonials it has been tagged by many users as a simple to use and rich device. Its bright LED display makes the choosing of the stitches very easy. It displays very clearly the stitch number that you are using. The users of this sewing machine can feed various types of fabric starting from the light weight silk to the heavy denim.

Juki Thread Overlock: this is a high speed two/three/four-thread, two-needle sewing machine. The equipment has automated lower lopper which is self-threading so that the users can very easily convert in to two-thread for roll hems and decorative stitching. It also features in-built safety feature in a way that the machine cannot run if its doors are open.

Brother 1034D: this can be among the finest sewing machines because more than 94% of its reviewers have given it rating of 4 or 5 stars. It has been described as a machine which is remarkably versatile and created to discharge effectively and fulfill various needs of sewing.

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A Couple Of Simple Children’s Beading Guidelines

If you are into the beading interest and have children, we are sure that they have wished to take part in your numerous beading projects. Below are a few simple and easy to follow ideas that will assist you when you do beading projects together with your kids.

Use a Kit

To make life easier for you, you should certainly stay with using a kit for your beading projects. You may pretty much find these just about anyplace these days. You can check at your favorite craft store if you wish and you can even visit your nearest Wal-Mart in the Craft section since they generally have a bunch of crafting kits that you can get and will cost you a fraction of the price compared to the crafting shops.

The reason why purchasing a beading kit is so important is because the design and the steps have already been worked out. They provide you with step by step instructions with a powerpoint visual and will also demonstrate the end result so that your children could follow along. This saves you a lot of time and they work out great if you have multiple children, since everyone will have their own hits and tolls required without needing to deal with arguing over who wants what.

Making Your Instructions

If you have the time and are a bit more advanced with regards to beading, an excellent option is for you to make your own instruction booklet for your kids. Just as the kit, you will give them an easy to understand instruction booklet for them to do a step by step procedure and get these done easily without having to over think the procedure. This can be a great action to take if you have a business and are selling more of a particular item. You can actually create the manual for it and then have your kids work on assisting you get more pieces accomplished for your customers. This may be a great way to give them an activity to do while at the same time helping your business venture out.

Beading could be a very fun pastime for many and any child would love to assist with your beading projects if they have the right instruction and you can make it enjoyable for them. Be sure to give them proper instruction and all the essential resources so that they can do the project properly and without frustration.

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What People Might Want To Know Before Buying An Umpa Lumpa Costume

People love dressing up for Halloween and other different events. Dressing up in a variety of costumes can be a fun way to engage your friends and loved ones. There are several different characters people can dress up as. People like costuming themselves as superheroes, animals, and even inanimate objects. Before you buy an Umpa Lumpa Costume, make sure you understand what the characters are like.

The Oompa Loompas work in a candy factory and sing different funny songs about the mischievous children who visit them. They are short and orange with wavy green hair. They also have white eyebrows. Their songs are about what will happen to the children as a result of their naughty behavior.

If you’re thinking about dressing up as an Oompa Loompa, you’ll need to buy some various items. You should begin by trying to find a green wig online or at a local wig shop. The hair should go roughly down to the shoulders. Try not to get a wig that has hair that goes down to your ankles, because you won’t look right.

You may also want to purchase some orange face paint for your face. Generally the Oompa Loompas wear white gloves and a jumpsuit, so the other parts of their body aren’t exposed. Make sure you get face paint that is safe to use and non toxic. The last thing you want to do is give yourself or your child a skin infection.

You’ll also have to purchase a shirt that’s brown. The Oompa Loompas also wear some different accessories that feature brown and white stripes. These include wrists, socks, and collars. Try to look at a photo of an Umpa Lumpa to see exactly how they are dressed.

You’ll also have to buy a puffy white jumpsuit. You can most likely buy these on the internet, or even make your own. Depending on your budget, you can probably buy an entire set at a costume store. Be sure to compare prices of different costumes to make sure you are getting the best deal. Some retailers will try and rip you off and charge you much more than what another retailer might charge. The internet is generally the best place to look.

Before you purchase your Umpa Lumpa Costume, make sure you know what you have to get. Study photos of what they look like and try to model your voice after how they speak. Purchasing a costume shouldn’t be very difficult. Remember to have fun and try to be thrifty when you finally purchase your outfit. Have fun!

Now you can find the Willy Wonka Costume that will make your party more fun and exciting! When you are looking for an Umpa Lumpa costume, you can find one quickly and easily!

Picnic Table Plans Are The thing To Use

It is always satisfying to see a project completed from beginning to end. One popular building project for those new to construction is building a traditional picnic sitting area. Having well laid out picnic table plans will make the project easy to follow and enjoyable.

When beginning to plan ones first attempt at building outdoor furniture, following a plan will help one to consider the steps to complete the project. A first time builder will ease stress by following a well put together plan. It will help take the stress away and make it a great learning experience. The proper plans will outline a project in a step by step fashion. They will also provide a list of tools that are needed and safety procedures to follow. Taking time to consider a plan will help one complete the project and bring years of future use.

There are a variety of plans for building picnic tables ready to buy online or in the local book or hardware stores. Finding the right plan and choosing the right style of outdoor furniture is a great way to start a building project.

There are a variety of plans to choose from. Choose the desired shape and size to best fit the yard or patio where the table will sit. The traditional picnic table plan is a great choice for a beginner wood worker. It is simple to follow and continues to be a popular choice to build.

Having the necessary tools gathered together before starting a project will help to make the job run smoothly. Not many tools are required to build this type of project. Much of the work can be done with tools most people are familiar with. Simple hand tools such as a hand drill, saw, wrench and screwdriver are the most common tools that are required.

Building the project with the proper materials will ensure that it lasts for years to come. Making the table out of very durable woods will ensure that it endures the weather well. Some of the best choices of wood for building picnic tables are red wood and pine. These tend to be better options when it comes to durability of the finished projects. Red wood tends to be more expensive than other options but has long since been a popular choice for building outdoor furniture. Treated lumber is also an option for building with, it is a great choice for constructing the legs of the furniture since they are likely to come in contact with water.

The first time building a outdoor table from wood it is best to follow picnic table plans. Well laid out plans will be a useful guideline and a great help to work through a project. A complete plan will be a time saving tool. By following directions written by those who have worked this process many times before. Easy to follow plans can help keep one from making mistakes that can be expensive and will finish up with great results.

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Must-Know Techniques For Photographers

The most essential factor that most photographers want in their photography is the sharp quality of their images. If a photographer wants to get the best quality, then he/she needs to know which lenses to use and when to use them. Today, there are several lenses on the market that should be included in a photographer’s every day too.

Facts about standard lenses: On the market today, the most common lenses being used are the standard lenses. These lenses have a focal length of between 40 -60mm and it’s useful to all photography types. It should remain on the camera’s body at all times and it’s also known as the most flexible of all lenses.

What are telephoto zoom lens?: Telephoto lens are useful for those who are into wildlife photography. This can also be the perfect lens for sport enthusiasts because the focal length ranges from 60 – 300mm. Landscape images and far away objects can be easily captured using these lenses.

If you are to use these lenses for close-up shots, you need to be careful with your composition. Because large areas of the image will become blank, your picture could be destroyed.

Make sure that when you’re using telephoto lenses, your camera is supported with a tripod. Or you can let the lens rest on a beanbag when you’re taking your images.

What are wide-angle lens?: Wide-angle lens is what most landscape photographers prefer to use. With these lenses, you’ll be able to include as much of the scene as possible because of its wide focal length of 17 – 40mm. Remember that the wider the lens, the closer you have to be to the object if you want your photography to have impact. When it comes to ultra wide-angle lenses, the focal lengths are 8 – 28mm.

Facts about macro lens: When it comes to ultra close-up shots, the best choice would be macro lenses with focal lengths of 100mm. Macro lenses can be used to take pictures of small objects like birds and insects. Using macro lenses also allows you to take unique abstract images. Using a wide aperture with macro lenses will let you create amazing abstract images.

Macro lenses are touch to focus on good days and even more difficult if the weather is windy.

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Specialist Tools Needed For Beadwork

As you know, every hobby which we do requires some kind of materials and tools necessary to do that activity. In this instance, we are going to have a look at the most important tools that are required for the beadwork hobby, irrespective if you do it for entertainment or as a business.

Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are a big necessity when it comes to beadwork. This is the frequently used tool in this hobby and you will want to make sure that you always have one readily available. The round nose pliers are utilized for bending the wires and making loops. Although there are round nose pliers in the hardware shops, there are a few which are exclusively made for jewelry creation and will be much better in the long run because they are long lasting and are the actual thing that you need for your bead crafting projects.

Flat Nose Pliers

The flat nose pliers also known as chain nose pliers is also probably the most frequently used tools. They can be used for mostly anything that you’ll require including holding your pieces together and opening your chain links. These chain nose pliers are very thin at the tip and can get into pretty much any tight space.


Of course our handy dandy scissors will be utilized for almost any beading project to cut the wire and anything that needs cutting.


An awl is a very popular beading tool which is used for knotting and makes it so much easier for you to make knots on your jewelry pieces.


Though tweezers are not a huge necessity when it comes to beadwork, it will certainly make your task incredibly easier. You can make use of the tweezers to pick up the real tiny beads that you might be using for your projects.

All the resources that are in the list above are the most frequently used tools. With the beading craft, you won’t be requiring an immense amount of tools, but it is essential that the tools that you use are of high quality and will last you a long while. It’s always best to make investments into a high quality tool which is made for beading and jewelry creation than going to a home improvement store and buying standard working tools. These tools will not be as efficient as the actual beading resources.

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Get The Job Done Right With WorkBench Plans

One of the first things any woodworker or home do-it-yourselfer needs for a home project is a solid bench. But a mistake many make is thinking that a set of workbench plans isn’t necessary. This can be a costly error in terms of time, money and utility of the bench itself. Plus with the wide variety of bench plans available, a design suitable for one’s own needs can easily be found.

A good bench should provide reliable support. Good joint design ensures the bench will resist shaking and racking. It also needs to have the ability to hold work pieces firmly and ideally in a number of different positions. This is primarily the work of a vice, but in some cases bench dogs and other types of hold downs are beneficial.

Another consideration is storing tools. A workbench used primarily for fine cabinetmaking will feature different approaches to storage than that used for home fix it projects. This is another area where plans can provide options that will make the final bench more useful.

On the surface, a work bench looks pretty simple, like a beefed-up table. This leads people to think they can simply build a bench on the fly. For the vast majority this will lead to wasted time and material as the worktable is pieced together. A solid blueprint of the project not yields building efficiency, but ensures the bench will stand-up over time.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to run out and get a missing piece for a project. A plan eliminates this problem by providing a full materials and cut list. The materials list details the project supplies needed to fully complete the project. No more running out for the right screw or bolt.

The materials list also provides the most economical lumber configuration to purchase. This can also be a big money saver by cutting down on lumber waste. Further, the list will often provide alternative wood types in case a specific species is not available or too costly.

Another time saving feature is a procedure list. This is the step-by-step building process for the project that even seasoned woodworkers find beneficial. More elaborate plans feature photos and sometimes an accompanying video.

Workbench plans are widely available online and at any number of hardware and woodworking stores. It is important to find a suitable design and size, so take time to review a more than one plan. This allows the builder to concentrate on the construction process, not having to design on the fly.

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A Lot More Beadwork Suggestions For Big Fun And Profit

If you’re interested in beadwork as more than just a hobby, but also as a potential means of putting money in the bank, then picking the proper projects to focus on could greatly influence your success or failure. Below are some of the more common profitable niches inside the expansive hobby which is bead craft.

Matched Sets: The upshot of these beadwork assignments is that the niche is somewhat less swarmed and therefore, less difficult to get into than other areas. It’s one thing to whip out a pair of earrings, but to make a matching ensemble is quite an undertaking. Surely an advanced task, even if the patterns are relatively simple. On the plus side, you may usually charge a premium for matched pairs, but this is balanced by the fact that they are slower to produce. In order to produce enough for sustainable profits, it is imperative that you streamline processes and keep your designs simple, yet unique.

Ceiling Fan Pull Chains: A smaller, niche collection of beading ideas with excellent profit potential. Your market is smaller for these items than for jewelry, there is however less competition. Even when using an intricate design, these could be produced quickly. If your designs are modern, you may carve out an extremely profitable niche for yourself. A heartily advised “for profit” project!

Of course, settling on a number of beadwork ideas to make the centerpiece of your “for profit” efforts is just the main story. Once you have decided on the line of projects to pursue, create and perfect your initial designs after which make some stock for yourself, your efforts will be for nothing if you don’t pay an immediate attention to advertising. Something which numerous hobbyist forgets (or don’t understand) is that the best, state-of-the-art design in the world is useless without proper advertising. If no one knows your line exists, regardless of how much time you’ve put into it, you will have little, if any achievements and surely no sustainable earnings.

This is one of the great frustrations of many amateurs trying to make money with their beading projects. There is a “make it and they will come” mentality, and many put almost no effort into the marketing part of the craft.

Especially if you are only starting out, you can expect to spend just as much (or more) of your time and efforts advertising as you will actually creating product.

Your marketing efforts, like your beading projects, could be as simple or as complicated as you care to create them, and may involve any combination of ‘net based, local exposure, and hand selling efforts. Your advertising efforts don’t have to be perfect, however they do need to be sustained and focused!

Anybody with a bit of experience in bead craft can make their beading projects profitable, but it takes a strategy, persistence, and patience, and don’t forget marketing!

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Learn How You Can Make Your Beading Project Profitable

One challenge faced by many hobbyists who want to turn their bead craft advantageous lies in making your designs in adequate quantity to make sustainable revenues. This is especially true if your first choice for beading projects runs to necklace/bracelet making, since these typically take longer to produce. This article will focus on things you can do to maximize your production, and thus, your profit potential.

The first, finest thing you can do to increase your productivity is not to go overboard with the number of designs you wish to provide. Hence majority of bead crafters want to undertake dozens of different beading projects in order to produce a staggering collection of choices for their customers, and while that is admirable, it gets increasingly more difficult to stay organized, the more bead craft orders you have “on the table.” Good to commence with just 4-6 designs and slowly introduce more as your grade of achievement increases.

From a true production viewpoint, if you’re making necklaces and or bracelets, some things will assist your speed more than a bead tray. At under ten dollars, this is just a must have! It immensely simplifies the bead craft procedure as you can completely lay out all the materials for your beading task, double check to ensure everything is how you want it, and then it’s literally as simple as picking up the already organized pieces and stringing them together.

If you have children and or an understanding, helpful spouse, these can be enlisted to aid with the production of your different beading projects. Even one “bead night” a week can dramatically enhance your total productivity.

Likewise, if you have a neighbor or relatives who like to learn the art of bead craft, offer to train them in exchange for a couple hours a week assisting with your for profit beading assignments.

If you have an established line of profitable bead craft projects and you’re finding it hard to meet the demand, you may want to think about putting feelers out for “contract beaders.” As around to see if anybody may be interested in executing some bead craft projects for you in exchange for half the profits for the goods they produce. If you find yourself balking at this plan, remember that Michaelangelo didn’t produce his great body of work himself. He had dozens and always scores of learners working under him, and he would only supervise the work. His idea, brought to life with the helping hands of others, and you might utilize that quite same principle in your for profit beading projects.

There are a number of ways you could increase productivity when it comes to your bead craft assignments. Some things you could do entirely on your own, but don’t be scared to ask for, or even pay for help if you find yourself not able to keep pace with demand. Remember, if your aim is to make a line of profitable beading assignment and you find yourself in the position of having to seek help, this is a happy dilemma!

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Use These Great Tips To Increase Your Photography Skills

Learning about photography can be very overwhelming, but just like anything else, it can also be very easily researched, taught, and learned. Now that you have found this list of tips, hopefully you can come out a little more informed when it comes to photography, so that you can refine your methods and become a great photographer.

Keep your pictures relatively simple. A good image should be straightforward and easy to interpret and appreciate. It is important to take meaningful pictures, but in most cases your pictures will say more if you focus on a detail rather than put together a complex composition that might not strike people as much.

When taking group shots, pay attention to the height and build of each person in the photograph. Arrange the subjects so the taller ones are in the back row, with the tallest one in the center. If tall and short subjects must be placed together for some reason, consider having some people sitting and others standing.

Take candid shots. Instead of taking posed pictures, try taking pictures of your subject with family at work or doing something they love. When your subject is comfortable they will be more at ease and you will end up getting some unique shots. This works especially well when trying to photograph children.

Do you need to take shots of some subjects that have been rained upon? What if it hasn’t rained and your natural subjects are not wet with raindrops? Create the effect yourself by carrying along your own spray bottle and gently misting some “rain” on the subject that you need to photograph.

When taking pictures it is important that you have the right lens on your camera. If are serious about photography then you will need to have the right lens for the type of picture you wish to take. The right lens can make a big difference to photo quality.

When photographing a building or landscape, consider shooting from an angle that incorporates a strong point of interest apart from the “bigger picture.” Examples could include a colorful bouquet of flowers next to the building, or a majestic oak tree in the forefront of that distant sunset. Landscapes are often lost in translation if not defined by their proximity to other items.

In the past, you may have been disappointed with the results of your pictures. Learning how to use a variety of lighting techniques can be help make photographs more interesting. With the ideas presented here, you can take breathtaking shots that you want to hang on the wall for everyone to admire.

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Quilted Comforter Is A Tradition

When settlers first arrived in the northeast part of the United States they were anxious for a life of freedom. What they didn’t expect was the harsh climate that they had chosen to live in. Finding ways to stay warm quickly became a large part of everyday life and patchwork quilt bedding was soon born.

The winter nights were particularly uncomfortable and the making of quilted comforters was soon inevitable. This warm material to cover with at night made the crafted blankets extremely popular.

Material for the quilt was at first very hard to get and could be quite costly. Typical families just starting out in new plantations, towns and settlements could barely afford to live let alone splurge on imported, overseas materials. Even if they could come by the means, boats arriving from Europe were rare and seldom carried enough to accommodate.

This caused most families to start saving bits and pieces of scrap material. It was not uncommon to see bins of random materials scattered in small piles of the early colonial homes as they hoped to gather enough to eventually construct a quilt.

When enough material had been collected it was connected with needle and thread to form larger and larger pieces. And it couldn’t have come soon enough as there was often a new baby or elderly person living in households who were in desperate need of added warmth. If neither of these conditions existed the quilt was than given to the youngest child in the home.

Traditionally quilting was a chore completed by women and they soon made the act a social event. They would gather in small or large groups and exchange materials to produce the most attractive quilts that they could. It was evident very quickly that this was a new form of art and its canvas was one of care and joy, as well as friendship

When people were married quilts were gathered and packaged to present to the new couple. This helped the new household and took a large burden off the new wife who would be busy adjusting to new duties as the lady of a household.

Members of communities who readying to move elsewhere were often presented with quilts by members of the communities to help in establishing a new home. Incoming and outgoing pastors were often presented with quilts as well.

Quilts are often passed down through generations. Some have been in families for a hundred years with the signatures of the creators and anyone who contributed to the quilt making process.

Quilt comforter can still be seen today as a benefit to many. Head over to to see a variety of quilt bedding.

How To Transition From Hand Knitting to Machine Knitting With An Addi Knitting Machine

Hand knitters often find transitioning into machine knitting a little intimidating. Machine knitting and hand knitting require a different kind of proficiency, but if you are already a hand knitter, you have a huge advantage! Knowing how knitting works can make machine knitting a whole lot easier. There are a few new skills you need to learn when you begin to machine knit. Both hand knitting and machine knitting have benefits, so it’s great to know both.

When you hand knit, you have total control over the shaping of your piece. You are able to do intricate designs without any fancy equipment, and you get a great sense of accomplishment after working on every stitch of a project. You are also able to use many different weights of yarn that are not always compatible with machines.

With machine knitting, there are also great advantages. The huge one is that our work moves along with extreme speed, and you spend about a fraction of the time working on your projects. You can spend a lot of time trying out new patterns on a machine because of the small amount of time that it takes. The motion of machine knitting is less intensive on your hands, which is great news for those with carpal tunnel and arthritis.

You need a few skills to begin machine knitting. Casting on is a different process from hand knitting. My favorite knitting machines are the Addi Express machines, because they are very straightforward and uncomplicated. On the Addi Express, you weave your yarn in and out of the pegs on the machine to cast on. After casting on, you simply turn the crank until your piece is the desired size. Most machines make pieces in stockinette stitch (knit on one side and purled on the other side in a flat piece).

Machine knitting requires more sewing than hand knitting does, because you are creating a lot of separate pieces. To cast off a project, you use a darning needle to weave in and out of the stitches on the machine. The “mattress stitch” skill from hand knitting can be carried over into machine knitting to put together your pieces.

A great machine to learn machine knitting on is the Addi Express Knitting Machine or the Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine. They both make your stitch definition extremely neat, even, and flawless. The Addi Express Machine comes with dvd instructions. Visual instructions are extremely helpful to those who are machine knitting for the first time. This machine has twenty-two pegs and is perfect for small hats, baby clothing and blankets.

The Addi Express King Size machine is great for larger projects, as it has 46 pegs. This machine comes with an instruction book to help you get started on the right foot. Both of these machines knit both flat and in the round.

Delving into machine knitting can be extremely rewarding. You have an advantage of really understanding how knit fabrics work if you’re a hand knitter already. If you know how to do both, you can really add to your arsenal of knitting skills in a productive, enjoyable way.

Purchasing an Addi Knitting Machine will get you on your way to great machine knit pieces! For my review on the classic needle in the Addi collection, check out my Addi Turbo Review

Beading Ideas! – 5 Methods To Raise Your Imagination Easily

Are you in an imaginative rut? Inspiration all dried out? Or maybe you are only looking for a few new ideas to keep both inspiration and interest up! If any of those apply to you, then you have come to the correct place! If any of those apply to you, then you have come to the right place! Below, you’ll find 5 beadwork ideas that might help kick begin your imagination and get you creating again!

I am writing this list with beaded necklaces in specially in mind, but the beadwork ideas presented here might be easily adapted to most any project you have an interest in. That’s one of the great things about bead craft as a hobby! Its sheer adaptability. You can spy a thought that has been executed in one way (say, a ceiling fan pull chain), and with a small work and modification, simply transform it into anything totally new and different (a bracelet, necklace, or even a matched set!).

1 – If you’ve fallen into the habit of creating single strand designs, branch out into fun multi-strand or wrap designs for a fresh point of view! Multi-strand designs add layers of difficulty to your work, and can convert a more ordinary single-strand piece into anything really extraordinary. It’s a little trickier to pull off, but you could even attempt a “hybrid design,” one that starts off (at the clasp) as a single strand, branches out into a double, or perhaps even a triple, and then, as it winds its way round the neck, re-converges.

2 – Commit yourself to incorporating a color or style of bead you do not usually use into your next design. This can be as simple as looking through your current stock for those beads you generally “pass over,” or taking a road trip to your local bead store to see what’s new!

3 – Look for something exotic! How about using a few decorative Czech glass beads or Swarovski crystals in your next piece? This could take you in all types of new and different directions! (note: this can also get a little expensive, so use with care!)

4 – Commit yourself to learning a new system (i.e., “African Net”) this month! Anything that breaks up your “common” way of doing things is bound to spark a slew of ideas! – There’s an almost unending number of techniques to be learned, and each time Christina and I think we “know it all,” we discover something new to try!

5 – Rather than stringing your next piece, investigate chains, and find methods to affix your designs onto gold or silver chains for an entirely new look! – This takes the idea of “mixed medium” to the next level!

As the 5 tips above demonstrate, there’re all kinds of things you can do, all sorts of new methods of looking at even existing beadwork ideas, to break out of a creative run, and they are really just the recommendation of the iceberg!

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