Precisely What is So wrong With Any of These Rainy Day Activities for Kids?

So what exactly is not right with any of these rainy day activities for kids? Finger painting, making play dough, the wonder of balloons, taking part in indoors baseball (ikes…: )), building an indoor sand box.

You know what? Nothing at all is wrong with these activities! Fact is that nearly every adventure you can plan for your kids is going to deliver a reward. But don’t you want your son or daughter to get all they can from the time period you have to share with your kids? My wife and I surely did and our daughter sought the exact same for her boys also.

I’m a dad as well as a grandfather of three (ikes again) and my better half and I fully understand as a result of experience exactly how reduced our time often is & organizing really well thought through rainy day activities for kids usually takes “time”. we investigated this until such time as our eye balls started hurting and finally, my wife and I incredibly uncovered just what I’d been in search of.

Very Fun and Interactive Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Indeed, very creative as well as entertaining concepts had been the important elements I’d been searching for. Our youngsters all possess fantastic creative minds, however for some, it has to be encouraged out from them. Some simply just proceed with their thoughts and feelings.

Our 2 1/2 yr old grandson grabbed one of those big magnification glasses 1 day and started peering through it and abruptly said…”inspector”…I began giggling and then asked the little fella exactly what he meant by that.

He then started walking through the family room searching thru the magnifying glass peering at the carpeting, then simply ground to a halt, looked up toward us all and proclaimed….”shush, inspecting for footprints”.

So I played the role of his associate and covered each room with carpeting trying to find those pesky yet effectively hidden footprints. Needless to say, we all broke up. That is an example of their imaginative tiny minds working.

A Box of Rainy Day Activities for Kids!

So what exactly did we luckily find? I discovered the Holy Grail of preschooler activities, as I have referred to it before. It’s a theme based group of very creative entertaining fun-filled activities inside a box! These preset themes for each and every month come packaged inside a box with absolutely everything you could possibly require, right down to string or glue or what ever is called for in the task.

Remember that I stated it takes some time for activity preparation? Time to think of ideas, time to gather whatever you need for these fun-filled activities, and then time to pull it off in a manner that will keep your preschoolers engaged as well as excited. I really like the concept of getting a very well planned out package of exciting activities all ready to go, and it is working for all of us.

And so the final point here is that while virtually all activities may be entertaining and good for your son or daughter, there is an additional stage to making fantastic rainy day activities for kids, or any day kids activities come to think of it. I would like to recommend that you go ahead and click the link beneath & learn more about the idea. It’s pretty darn cool!

Long before you begin planning your next rainy day activities for kids at your home, you will want to check out Michael Jons website. A father of 2 and a grandfather of 3, Michael has invested a lot of time investigating ways to provide entertaining arts and crafts for kids.

Why Are There No Fun Things To Do With Kids In NYC?

Seriously? There aren’t any fun things to do with kids in NYC? Okay, you’re not interested in camping? No problem! And just in case you thought that New York City was only for those that never sleep, think again. There are tons of really fun things to do with kids in NYC.

So if your thinking about taking a trip to the Big Apple with your kids, then I would strongly recommend checking out my list of fun things to do with your kids in NYC.

Really Exciting Things To Do With Kids in NYC

Check Out The Children’s Museum of Manhattan – This could end up beinmuseum g one of your favorite stops. When I first read about it in the newspaper, I was keen on visiting it right away. Now get a load of this. They have a massive digestive tract that the kids can crawl an through. Now that is awesome! And that’s just one of many very intersting and fun displays & exhibits.

They based their idea for this on what they call “Social Outreach”. So for example they have a large play centre where the kids can jump around and just bounce themselves silly as well as pedalling various things around. The purpose of this is to focus attention & awareness on obesity. Clever idea!

And, this is the best part. There are super powered vegetable heroes. I mean, really, how cool is that? Any fun things to do with kids in NYC is just not a “fun” trip unless you have a few super powered veggie heroes, right?

Playgrounds – Did you ever think there are some real honest to goodness playgrounds in New York? Well then go check out the playground at Union Square.

It has a newly expanded 15,000-square-foot playground for children of all ages with state of the art equipment brand new. And what’s really cool is they have some water features on the grounds…wow!

Washington Square Park – Arts & crafts galore here at the Park. And the activities offered here are not just relegated to the youngsters either. There is always something happening here!

The Bronx Zoo – So you’re looking for a Zoo! Well it just so happens that one of the most famous zoos in the USA is the Bronx Zoo. Somewhere about 4000+ critters make their home there.

The 260 acres were made to look very real and is quite an amazing site. But don’t worry, the animals are in fact real.

Check out everything from Sea Lions to Gorillas in their Congo Gorilla Forest. Have anything like that back home?

The Zoo is open year round and you can get there by the subway system or if you prefer, you can take your car because they have plenty of on-site parking.

New York City Harbor Cruise – Well, if wildlife is not your cup of tea, or maybe the kids are used to seeing gorillas and sea lions every day, how about a NYC Harbor Cruise? I don’t care how old or how young you are, seeing the New York City skyline from the harbor is an utterly amazing site!

As an added bonus, you may be able to have a stop at the Statue of Liberty and take a hike up the 350 stairs. That would give you and the kids an extroardinary view of New York City. As an added benefit, the climb will give your children a nice little workout & everyone will sleep well that night! Not sure if this visit to the Statue is still being offered, but if it is, make sure you book in advance.

So it seems that there really isn’t any exciting fun things to do with kids in NYC. It looks like you’ll have to settle for these uninteresting suggestions I covered above…lol.

Happy Parenting!

If you have pre-school aged kids, then I highly suggest checking out Michael Jons website before planning any things to do with kids. Michael is a grandfather of 3 and has spent quite a bit of time researching what makes for fun arts and crafts for kids. Michael focused heavily on exciting interactive activities for pre-schoolers aged 3 to 6.

Fun Ideas for Activities with your Kids Over the Holidays

It’s always hard finding new activities for the kids to do during their school holidays, so much so that they can actually be chores in themselves. So to make the next school holidays a little easier, we have come up with some easy family activities that require neither preparation or much supervision.

Although understandable, the idea of doing craft activities conjures up images of glue, paint and glitter all up the walls! But getting crafty doesn’t have to be so messy. Paper aeroplane competitions are a great way to amuse the kids for a couple of hours. Firstly, create the paper aeroplane from a simple design from the Internet or from memory, and then get the kids to colour them in. Next, either indoors or out, get them to throw them as far as possible to see which works the best. The fact the first plane will probably be a flop means they’ll want to spend ages perfecting their designs.

Miniature gardens should be a part of every childhood because they’re not only quick and easy, but because they allow the kids to let their imaginations run away with them. By simply creating a garden out of soil, moss, flowers, twigs and trinkets in any sort of tray (one with sides is preferable), kids can create new worlds for their toys, buys or even magical garden ‘fairies’.

Every kid loves to role play, so get them kitted out in their best pirate costume and send them on a quest to find pirates treasure. No quest is complete without a map, so help them design a simple map of the house or garden to help them navigate. Next, either by indicating the treasure’s whereabouts on the map or by sending them from clue to clue, help them on their voyage across the seven seas to discover the whereabouts of the treasure chest (chocolate coins work a treat!).

Finally, if the weather outside is simply miserable and you fancy keeping them indoors then why not introduce them to a few of your childhood favourites? Bring back to life your memories by playing tiddlywinks, charades, pick up sticks and other games which bring the whole family together.

Making your own kids wallpapers is a great activity to do in the holidays.

Craft Box and Indoor Craft Ideas

You need a craft box in your house. It can be any old shoe box or something fancy – Totally up to you and what you have available. Even an old cardboard box will do. If you have little ones in your house, then make sure you keep your craft box out of reach from your little ones.

A few examples of craft goodies you can store in your box are: scissors, stickers, glue sticks, pain and pain brushes, bits of cloths etc. Drop by your local 2 dollar shop and pick some craft items from there. Be sure not to spend too much money because you can aways take your time to fill the box.

If you find something interesting, something that you think will be good for the box, put them in there. The other day one of my fridge magnet broke – I managed to get the magnet away safely – I put the magnet in my craft box. I am sure that my kids will make good use of this magnet.

Couple of good indoor craft ideas:

Make Plate Drums

Take one paper plate. Get your child to do some painting – with crayons or wet paint – Up to them. Fold it in half. Put some rice. Staples alongside the edges. Make sure your child’s art is shown on the external side. Shake Shake – Now you have a musical drum.

Make Puppets Out of Popsicles

You can make some good looking puppets out of popsicles, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Pick a story (preferabbly one of your child’s favourite). Enact the story with your puppets.

Make Prints Using Potatoes

Cut a potato in two or even smaller. With a pencil draw a design on the cut pieces. Carve your design with the pencil – you may also cut across the pencil outline. Place paint in tray or paper plate in a thin layer. Press potato design into paint and firmly press onto paper for impression.

Sock Puppets

Any old sock will do for this. I usually try and pick a colourful sock. Use some glue and stick on some yarn hair. Stick eyes. Thats it you are done – You have a sock puppet in your hands. Enact a story from your child’s favourite books.

Emma Wilson Roberts is the Coordinator at OzKidsActivities Pty Ltd. At OzKidsActivities one of her jobs is to add good quality after school childrens art classes. Stop by Emma’s site to find out all about activities for kids.