There Is A Bead For Everyone

Anyone who is fascinated by bead jewelry or knows that there is a huge variety of beads to select from. There are bugle beads, seed beads, and delica beads just to identify a few. With each type of bead there are different characteristics that make each bead unique. If your someone who is trying to develop a company that specializes in beads you must consider the right beads because it is imperative for your project. With that said it is important that you understand differences between various beads so you know what beads to use for your bead bracelets or bead necklaces.

The most favored types of beads are seed beads. There are two types of seed beads to pick from: Japanese beads or Czech beads. Japanese beads are circular in shape and range in size from 6 the largest to 22 the smallest. They are thought to be more constant in size and they have larger holes than the equal size of Czech bead. They are ideal for all sorts of beadwork. Czech beads range in size from 7 to 20. They are normally more doughnut-shaped than Japanese beads, and are best used for off-loom beading and bead embroidery.

Next type of bead that one should consider for bead making is the Delica bead. These first class beads are perfectly cylindrical in shape and have thin walls and large holes.They are excellent for bead weaving where a very flat, smooth finish is required. There are at best two sizes – size 11 and the larger size 8. Delica beads are much more high – priced than seed beads, but are worth using for that special bead bracelets project.

Besides delica another bead to consider when making a bead bracelet or bead necklace are the Bugle bead. Bugle beads are long cylindrical beads available in a mixture of colors, finishes and twists. They are sized in millimeters, the most normal sizes being 2, 3, and 5mm.The one thing you must understand is to be careful when using them as they can have quite shape edges which could cut right through thread. Bugle beads are mainly used for edgings and fringes.

In closing there is a lot to examine when it comes to what bead you want to use. You have to go with what bead matches the style you are trying to project. Once you figure that out your jewelry should meet your expectations. Honestly there’s a bead for everybody you just have to do investigation and see what fits you. Once you have all that figured out the imagination will be coming out.

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Buying Pearl Jewelry Is Not Always Easy As It Sounds

Japan and China are the leaders in the production of cultivated pearls, and have been so for a very long time now. India too has its share of presence in the market when it comes to pearl jewelry. Hyderabad, a beautiful metro that bears quiet testimony of the richness of the sultans who ruled the city many hundreds of years ago, is also the cradle of pearl jewelry in India.

Real Pearl Jewelry Is Not Very Easy To Recognize Against the False Ones

You have to delete the impression in your mind that shopping for pearl jewelry is all that easy. That is because a single store in Hyderabad, India can already offer you a wide variation of pearls that come in different sizes, hues and forms. Moreover, the fact that pearls of the color black are only famous in other nations leads them to being ignored in the stores of India.

If you are fond or rice (named after its great resemblance to the physical rice), pink, white and black pearls, you would certainly find all of them in India. The variation of their price can be a little bit too much for you to handle so you better be prepared. Some cents or a high quantity of five hundred dollars can give you the type of pearl jewelry that you need. Nevertheless, don’t ever forget that an expensive jewelry would mean that it’s totally unique among all the rest.

In India there is the belief that wearing pearl jewelry gives one peace of mind and happiness. Hence, you will find almost every woman in India has one or other manifestation of pearl jewelry on her. The most common is the finger ring and a chain in which pearls are interlinked with gold.

Real pearls are a must have for you when you go shopping for them in India. Thus, whether you’re from that country or not, you must not take notice of those street vendors who are boasting that all of their pearl items are authentic. That is because only the Government and those famous branded sellers that you are aware of are capable of giving you real and expensive pearls. They actually provide a certificate to their customers to prove that.

By shopping from these shops, you mind would be put at ease since you are completely sure that you have bought something that’s truly genuine. Those people who gave into the temptation of cheap pearl jewelry would certainly be cheated of their money for their purchases are all nothing but phony items and these products don’t even have a high level of quality.

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The Four C’s Of Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are considered valuable because of their strength, beauty and rarity. Although used throughout manufacturing in drill bits and other tools, the mention of the word “diamond” usually brings to mind diamond jewelry. Diamonds have been used for at least 2,500 years. Diamonds in engagement rings date back to the 15th century. Today, diamonds for jewelry are priced according to the gemological characteristics known as the four c’s: carat, clarity, color and cut.

Clarity and Carat

The carat shows the weight of the diamond. The price for a diamond jumps at each milestone carat weight so that the value of a 1.7 carat diamond is much less than that of a 2.2 carat diamond because demand for a diamond is usually measured by the carat weight. Total carat weight is the total weight of all diamonds in a piece of diamond jewelry.

Clarity measures the inclusions or defects of a diamond. Inclusions can be cracks or foreign materials, whether they can be seen by the naked eye or not. Only 20 percent of all diamonds are graded with a clarity level high enough to make them gem stones. The other 80 percent are industrial diamonds. A diamond that has imperfections that can’t be seen without a loupe is referred to as “eye-clean.” The grading of clarity depends on the number, size, color, location, orientation and visibility of the inclusions.

Color And Cut

A flawless diamond is either white or has no color at all. The darker the diamond is, the more flaws it has. Brown or yellow diamonds are considered as the “dirty” ones. A perfect diamond is given a “D” while a “Z” is given to its opposite. A diamond without any color has a higher value even though those yellow ones are not easy to find as well. Green, blue and pink diamonds also have high level of importance and they are labeled as the “stars” in the world of precious stones except for the green colored ones.

The fifty seven faceted cut called the round brilliant is the ultimate guide of diamond cutters when it comes to correct measurements. Nevertheless, the cutting process never stayed the same but it still used Marcel Tolkowsky’s creations. Besides the round brilliant cut, “fancy cuts” also exist in the world of diamonds. Such cuts are the following: pear, baguette, princess, briolette, marquise and heart. However, the latest fashion still dictates which cut is “in”and which one isn’t. Nowadays, the square or princess cut is eventually getting the fame that the baguette cut once had. This is all because of the square cut’s minimized rough diamond waste.

The four C’s determine the value of a diamond, but not necessarily the beauty. When shopping for diamond jewelry, buy with your heart and not with your head.

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A Full Review On The Brother 1034D

The Brother 1034D is perfect whether you are just learning how to sew or are an experience seamstress. Hundreds of positive customer reviews have given the Brother 1034D a reputation for being one of the best value serger sewing machines on the market, stating that at it’s easy to use, versatile and affordable.

WIth 22 built-in stitch patterns, it’s possible to sew anything from a table cloth to a formal gown with the 1034D Brother. The Brother 1034d is able form gathers, sew straps, join laces, sew stretchy fabrics for swim wear and much more. The Brother 1034D offers 3-thread overlock or 4-thread overlock along with narrow hemming, rolled hemming and ribbon lock. Interchangeable feet are also available to add to the versatility of the Brother 1034D.

The free arm of the Brother 1034D makes it easy to sew curved items such as collars and shirt sleeves. The width of the stitch can be easily adjusted with the stitch control mechanism and the stitch finger can be removed when sewing narrow or rolled edges. Two bonus feet are included with the Brother 1034D, one that creates flat locks and the other that creates gathers.

The Brother 1034D uses regular, inexpensive sewing needles. There’s no need to hunt for hard-to-find, expensive needles. It also provides a special feature called differential feed. This prevents stretchy and delicate material from puckering as you sew by maintaining the length and tension of the stitch with a conveniently-located knob on the serger.

Many sergers are a nightmare to thread. This is not the case with the Brother 1034D. Quick lay-in threading and fast lower loop threading makes the Brother 1034D quick and easy to thread. The Brother 1034D comes with a few extras including a removable trim trap, a cleaning brush, a set of needles, a blind foot hem, and a soft cover.

But even great machines have a few disadvantages. The Brother 1034D is no exception. While it is still extremely versatile, it cannot chain stitch or cover stitch. These are the types of stitches needed when working with upholstery and material like denim.

The overlooper and underlooper may also bend slightly if sewing over extremely thick material.

Overall, the Brother 1034d is one of the best value sergers on the market. Hundreds of customers have given it 5-star ratings saying that it’s definitely worth the price for everything that it offers.

The Brother 1034D gives your sewing projects a polished and professional look at an affordable price.

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A Knitter’s Impression of Cascade Eco Alpaca

This information is written from a knitter’s standpoint and provides you an review of Cascade Eco Alpaca which is a yarn manufactured from 100% Baby Alpaca and simply is available in a variety of undyed shades. Hopefully it will supply you with a good comprehension of the yarn and assist your purchasing choices.

Yarn Quality Cascade Eco Alpaca is really a high quality yarn produced from pure Baby Alpaca. It’s incredibly soft to touch and anybody that feels it just falls in love with it instantly. If you imagine the feeling of patting a cat then this is what the yarn seems like. The option of colour is limited nevertheless it does have a wide variety of natural shades in browns, beiges, creams and greys that are outstanding. Obviously you don’t have the bright and colourful shades to pick from but this is the price you pay for going for a yarn that takes the environment into consideration.

Among the finest things about Cascade’s Eco Alpaca is the length, I typically think of alpaca as being a very weighty yarn and that it needs loads of yarn to create anything , rendering it very expensive and out of a lot of people’s budget. Nevertheless with this yarn it isn’t the situation. Each 100g skein of Eco Alpaca is 200m/220yrds in length. The natural supposition would be that it’s a very thin yarn but that’s not the case, it is a conventional worsted weight yarn and so is knit on 4.5mm/US7 needles and is 20sts to 10cm/4in. This means you could probably complete a garment with about 5 skeins which isn’t too bad and a serious plus in my mind.

Knitting with Eco Alpaca Every yarn is unique to knit with and whether it’s excellent or a challenge will significantly impact its popularity and your determination to purchase. It may certainly be asserted Cascade Eco Alpaca is a wonderful yarn to knit with. You will discover it is rather speedy to knit with because the yarn slides smoothly over the needles. Additionally, you will find that as opposed to a number of other alpaca yarns there is minimal shedding with this yarn which means you will not require an apron. There exists a tiny amount of yarn shed but it is straightforward to deal with and worth it for the quality of garment you will get in the end.

You will discover when you buy this yarn it is quite tightly twisted which is a primary reason it is so good to knit with. It means that it glides effortlessly over the needles and splitting isn’t a problem at all. It is usually knit with 4.5mm/US 7 needles but works just as well with 4mm/US 6 knitting needles. Really the only bad thing is that over time the completed piece of clothing has a multitude of bobbles of yarn on it. This may not be a serious issue and to be anticipated of several natural fibres but could be a thing you want to take into consideration.

Conclusion Well I guess I ought to inform you of my overall viewpoint of Cascade’s Eco Alpaca and I might say that it’s a genuine winner. Personally, i adore it and would endorse it to any person, especially people like me that are agitated by putting on regular wool and merino.

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Knitting Retro Designs Today

The 1940s were the golden years of knitting, it was over these years that a number of knitting suppliers published magazines and leaflets documenting the attractive patterns and styles that were in vogue back then. The craze progressively diminished just to be revived again in the present day. Retro designs in knitting has been in fashion lately due to the feeling that hails from these. Classic styles in wool knitting has returned again, more and more people are attempting to discover the patterns and knitting methods that made the divas so well liked in movies of yore.

Picking Your Pattern There are a number of ways of finding retro designs but it is not necessarily as simple as it sounds as many of them failed to survive through the years. The easiest way to find these patterns is if you knew someone who used to knit in the 40s and 50s. Chances are they will have a collection of patterns from that time that you could have a good look through. If you are not this fortuitous you can also find a number of resources online where you may be able to uncover some great retro patterns. Alternatively if you are not able to obtain what you are looking for you could check out your library or an old-fashioned book merchant, you never know your luck.

Figuring out the Pattern The manner in which patterns are documented has been altered markedly over the years and something you simply must consider before you begin. Look over all the verbiage, sizing’s, needle sizes and so forth and verify the parts that do not seem up to date. It is advisable to interpret these into existing knitting terms before you begin to make the whole process more uncomplicated. It is important to make a note of all the changes to make knitting the garment simpler.

There are plenty of ways you can learn about the changes in terms. For example you might want to ask a parent or grandparent who may have gone through the changes. You can also find a number of explanations on the internet and there could also be books available that will explain precisely how to convert a classic knitting pattern.

Commencing Work After you get yourself all the ammunition, the time has come to check your knitting skills. It is crucial to think about the context in which the garments are knitted. Back in 1930s, body shapes were different and so were the accompanying clothes. In modern times, care has to be taken to make outfits relevant yet, aesthetically vintage. Alter the sizes a little but be careful not to deviate from the authentic design.

One more issue that you might want to consider is the yarn you use to make the garment. Chances are that the yarn in the pattern is no longer manufactured which means you will need to take care and be sure you get a yarn that is a comparable tension to that in the pattern. With this you’ll have all you need to make the finest vintage garment.

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Description of Cascade 220 Wool

In the following paragraphs we will look at Cascade 220 Wool, probably the world’s most popular yarn and provide you with info on what it is like to knit with, just exactly what it is made from and why it is so popular.

What is 220 Wool Made From? The constituents of Cascade 220 Wool are easy to describe as it is a pure wool yarn and because the label says it’s produced from 100% Peruvian Wool making it good quality. The way the yarn is twisted causes it to be a fantastic yarn to knit with and its selection of colours is precisely what sets it apart from other similar yarns out there since you will find it in 150 or more colours.

If you take a look at knitting discussion boards you will discover it is almost certainly the favourite and most widely used yarn, that is essentially because of its versatility. It’s a worsted weight yarn meaning it’s in between a double knit and an aran weight so can be used for patterns that call for these weights. It is also fantastic value for money which makes it very attractive as a natural fibre yarn. Moreover it is the perfect yarn for felting and several patterns will call for it as it provides the choice of colours and felts wonderfully. If you haven’t tried felting yet and want to give it a go then Cascade 220 Wool is a superb one to get started with.

Utilizing Cascade 220 Wool Perhaps the most crucial queries any knitter will ask about a yarn is how is it to knit with? Well the reply couldn’t be more favourable for Cascade 220 Wool. The explanation for this is the way the yarn is twisted means it remains together properly, does not separate and glides quickly over the needles. This is why you will observe it endorsed by many knitters all across the world as a great staple yarn.

One thing worth talking about is that Cascade 220 Wool isn’t a luxury yarn yet it is a top quality natural fibre yarn signifying very good value for money. In case you are on a budget then this yarn cannot be recommended more highly. It’s pure wool and as far as pure wool goes Cascade 220 Wool is considered the finest, it isn’t too harsh and results in less itchiness than lots of pure wool yarns.

Just a little bit about the thickness, Cascade 220 Wool is an American yarn therefore is a worsted weight which means it is 20sts to 10cm/4in on 4.5mm/US 7 needles. The great thing about this if you are English is you might use it for either a DK pattern or an Aran pattern meaning you probably may get plenty of use from it. I’d personally say though that I think it lends itself more to Aran knitting than DK nevertheless the choice is yours.

Summing Up On conclusion the one thing to be stated is that Cascade 220 Wool is an excellent yarn for any knitter of any ability. It is excellent value and offers you great quality for comparatively low price. If you haven’t used it before then this ought to be a yarn you experiment with.

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Scarf Yarns and their Influence on the Knitting Industry

A good, warm and woolly scarf is a lovely gift for the Christmas. Unfortunately, not many of us have the time to knit a scarf, aside from look for the right yarn or the perfect pattern to cast on it. It does take some time to plan knitting; more importantly finding the right yarn is the decisive factor in making something worthwhile and presentable. These days, there has been an explosion of yarns made especially for scarves. These are used extensively by knitters for their evident brilliance and splendour. The question that we have been pondering over recently is about the longevity of this trend. Is it here to last, or is it merely another passing trend that will be here for a few more years and then be gone forever.

To know the true story behind the story we will have to divulge deeper into the advancement of this wonderful piece of garment that most of us use without knowing much about it.

History of Scarves The first recorded and provable evidence of scarves can be found in ancient Rome, incidentally, scarves in those days were not used for warmth as they are today. These were used to wipe off sweat! Afterwards, the Chinese used scarves to identify themselves as soldiers of a certain regiment or symbolize their rank in the army. In contrast to the modern scarf, silk or cotton was popular until the beginning of the 20th century when these developed into the shape we know them now.

Over history we have also observed scarves used for religious ceremonies and significance. You will notice them utilized in Christianity by priests to denote rank as well as in all other major religions for various reasons.

Scarf Materials and kinds Scarves can be produced from almost any material and it’ll depend on the intention of the scarf and the preference of the wearer. However in colder spots you’re more likely to see scarves produced from materials that give warmth like wool, alpaca and cashmere. When it is hotter they are more likely to be made from silk or cotton to keep them lighter.

In Arabian countries, scarves are utilized to shield the eyes and face from the heat and dust which is characteristic of deserts, the same cannot be said of colder European or American places where scarves have served as a principal part of winter wear.

The precise materials that scarves are manufactured from will depend on the style at the time. Currently big chunky scarves and more fluffy, ostentatious scarves are popular.

The development of Scarf YarnIt’s not easy to select the proper yarn to make scarves and it can be rather a time consuming process making a scarf with standard yarn. Recently there has basically been an explosion of different yarns that you can buy that are designed especially for making scarves and have no other use. These are perfect for new knitters as they make the process of knitting a scarf quick and easy providing them with an opportunity to master knitting. With the wide choice there is now we don’t see them disappearing too quickly but we do feel it could be something that bit by bit subsides as other crazes hit the market.

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I Love Circulars

I love using circular knitting needles they are better than any other knitting tool in the cosmos. Okay, now that I have your attention, I’d like to tell you why knitting with circular knitting needles is so awesome.

Circular needles can be employed in place of strait knitting needles too. Pretty much everything that you might dream about doing with repeated knitting needles you may also do just as well with circular knitting needles. And that’s not all. There are projects, that are normally considered as regular knitting projects, which are even less complicated and more efficient to do with circulars than on strait needles. As an example, I knit up a huge afghan using circular knitting needles.

Now, you might think that knitting up an afghan with circulars appears mad, but it is so incredible. The rationale is that you don’t need to be reliant on the lengths of the knitting needles to keep a hold of the project, since the project rests right on the cord. I loved the circulars the whole project long.

Circulars are also the best way to knit the round parts of projects. Try knitting round parts another way and you will not like doing it. For hat knitting or knitting a pull over, or something similar, the circular knitting needles are definitely the apex of your project’s success. I am not sure if you’re starting to see that I really love circular knitting needles.

Let’s look at what makes the circular knitting needles special. First, they have the component of being real knitting needles. Then, there is the other aspect, being that there’s a nice cord in the middle. The cord makes all the difference. The cord allows you to put down a project to finish latter, and not worry about the loops slipping off the knitting needles. And every knitter knows that when the loops slip off the knitting needles you risk losing track of the entire project.

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Knitting Brioche – the Joy of Double Sided Knitting

Brioche in French means mistake, although it is above our comprehension why this gorgeous type of knitting has been called a mistake, we do realize that Brioche knitting is actually great and perfect for scarves and blankets. The pattern is reversible and whenever completed in various colours, the knit seems unique when reversed. If you were brought to this type of knitting by your granny, you’d probably are aware that the style consists of elevated columns and ribbed patterns.

The process of double sided knitting can be quite the head spinner for some of us and there’s a substantial learning curve needed for mastering the needles like a professional, in addition if you would like integrate it with Brioche.

There are several purling, stitching and yarn overs involved which needs to be learned and practised carefully. But when you have chewed and digested the method, double knitting will become as simple as pie. Basically, to do double sided knitting you’ll need two different colours of yarn and you will have to determine which colour will be the principal and the secondary. Double knitting calls for you to knit the principal colour and purl the secondary colour. If you find the yarn on the cast needle in a reverse, simply use your fingers to get them in proper order.

What has been outlined about knitting Brioche might appear to be an extremely tricky process yet it’s far more simple than it seems. All of the stitches used are incredibly basic and it’s really a matter of making sure you keep the colours and sides separate. When you initially start it might appear like you cannot see exactly how it works but after a few rows it will become second nature and when you do get it wrong then you will easily see as the wrong colour will appear on one side.

Once you know the fundamentals of Brioche and double sided knitting there’s a lot you can do with it and extremely detailed patterns to make. Using charts and combining it with colour work techniques mean you could make stunning garments that have excellent patterns that are completely reversible.

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How knitting can help fight Alzheimer’s

In today’s society we have seen an increase in the number of sufferer’s of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Nobody really knows what causes Alzheimer’s disease or what needs to be done to prevent it from occurring. There are lots of things that can be done to help reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s and knitting is one of those things. This article will consider Alzheimer’s and how knitting can help.

Cures for Alzheimer’s Disease

As already mentioned there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease at the moment. However due to the large number of cases there is a huge amount of medical research being carried out and hopefully that will help uncover a cure. Having said that there is thought to be a large number of things that can be done to help slow down the onset of the condition and give people more time. Many of these things do not involve medical intervention but instead mean that the sufferer needs to make changes in their lives that could be beneficial.

If you have Alzheimer’s disease then you doctor will probably make a number of recommendation to you regarding lifestyle to you that could have an impact on the speed at which the disease progresses. These will involve ensuring you get enough sleep, keeping active and doing activities that will engage the mind.

AD cannot be treated, but the effects can be delayed enough for the person to have a normal lifestyle and allow the caretakers to arrange for better facilities and equip themselves against the pressures of caring for a patient of the disease. Scientists and neurologists agree on the benefits of mental activity. It is a well proved fact that a person diagnosed with the symptoms of the disease benefits a lot from almost any enterprise that required the person to learn new tricks and apply them.

Knitting is a skill that a person has to learn and has to apply that skill in order to make a garment. For that reason it can be very beneficial to anyone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and could even help reduce its development in healthy people. On top of that knitting also has many social benefits due to the fact it can be done in a group. The participation in a knitting group will help on another level as it encourages social inclusion and helps engage the mind in conversation and development of abilities with other people.

Incidentally therapeutic knitting is also useful for people suffering from incurable chronic pains and stress. The advantages of knitting are much more than what meets the eye. It does have the potential to alleviate a patient from the physical as well as cognitive discomfort of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Methods of Fixing Knitting Slipups

Beginner knitters always ask me how they can fix a mistake that occurs while they are knitting. Knitting is a skill that requires so much concentration to supply good results. Nevertheless it is usual for any person to make a mistake. I sometimes mess up while knitting and watching TV with my little girl. If you knit as a hobby during your free time then you're susceptible to mess up. Other problematic times for knitting are when you're exhausted or when your attention is distracted, or if you aren't able to concentrate well.

Mistakes are prone to occur if you are using many patterns on your clothes. When you make a mistake while knitting, you should not panic. The very first thing you must do is to identify where you have made the gaffe. These errors done while knitting can be easily corrected and should therefore not worry you. One technique of correcting a mistake while knitting is by dropping all the stitches above the error in order to erase the blunder.

“Tinking” is an alternate way of undoing stitches to help you to correct an error. Never the less this technique is only pertinent if the blunder is in the same row or two rows behind. In a situation where the mistake is a few rows behind it is impossible to use tinking.

The best method to use is “flogging.” Flogging involves taking the needles out of the work. Most people are afraid to use flogging since it is occasionally risky. If you haven't done flogging before I would counsel you to request guidance from someone who has done it before. The challenge that faces most people is putting the work back on the needles. On occasions a wayward loop drops down in a low or two which increases the chance of destroying the whole project.

The gaffes made while knitting vary with pattern and styles you are knitting. Other mistakes in knitting could be caused by the utilisation of wrong yarns, incongruous needles and the incorrect pattern. Yarns come in different colors, flexibility and textures. If you are careless while buying yarns you may finish up getting a yarn that's not suitable for your style which may possibly cause complications while knitting. While using straight needles to knit curves or tube, you are more prone to mess up than when you are using circular or double pointed knitting needles. Straight needles are commonly used in flat knitting. It is therefore appropriate for you to always use the correct needles in order to reduce knitting mess ups.

Most noobs in knitting may make many boo-boos. If you're a newbie in knitting, you shouldn't give up when you make a mistake. Mistakes build perfection and in knitting you slowly learn from your mistakes. In the worst-case scenario, if you make a major error, which is impossible to fix, you can undo the whole work and start again.

Making a mistake with knitting yarn is not the end of the Earth. And have a look at this blog about winders and swifts for making yarn balls.

How to knit with circular needles

If you are a knitter then you may know what circular needles are but you may not know why they are useful or how to use them. This article will give you some information on what the benefits are and what you need to do to get started.

Why Use Circular Needles?

If you have never seen a circular needle then to look at they are two tapered tips that are joined by a plastic cable. As with straight needles the tips can be made from various materials including wood, bamboo, metal and plastic. The length of a circular needle will vary and ranges between 40cm and 150cm. Below you will find a list of some of the benefits of circular needles:

1. Circular needles take up less space so are much better for squeezing into your bag and having them handy when you want them.

2. The needles are joined so you cannot lose one, plus they will keep your stitches safer than straight needles.

3. As you can easily spread your stitches out they are better for seeing how your work is coming along and also for measuring it.

4. These are compact and can hold many more stitches than regular pairs of needles.

5. Knitting can be more comfortable as your work will sit on your lap and does not need to be supported by your arms.

6. Knitting garments without seams, like a hat, can only be achieved by using circular needles.

Apart from these, many knitters have discovered their own personal advantage of using circular needles. But how does one knit with these circular needles? The answer to that is the second phase of our present discourse on circular needles.

Knitting With Circular Needles

Whether knitting flat or in the round casting on with circular needles is the same as with straight needles. Cast on using your usual method and work the first row of the pattern. If you are knitting flat then when you get to the end of the row swap the hands that the tips are on and go back as you would with straight needles. There is no magic to it, the process is the same.

If you are knitting in the round then there are a few things you need to consider before you start. When you work your first row you will need to join the work and it is vital you check that the stitches are not twisted. You need to make sure they are facing the same way otherwise you will have start again as you realize a long way down that your work cannot be untwisted. You should also place a stitch marker at the start of the row so you know where the end of the row is. On the first stitch remember to pull it tight to ensure the join is smooth.

The stitch marker to denote the end of one row and the beginning of the next is very important so you can keep count of how much you have done. Remember with circular knitting you only work RS rows so if you are working in stocking stitch you need to knit every row. Follow these simple steps and you are happily using circular needles!

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What To Know Concerning Las Vegas Budget Wedding Ideas

The eve of a man getting married, is considered to be a time honored event that affords him the chance to take one last dive off of the single life and experience all that the world has to offer in the way of Las Vegas budget wedding ideas. This can lead to many crazy and often times wild events that will leave many years of a person talking about the events.

The first place that has to be started from is that of taking the full advantage of the planning of where to have this event. This is often times an important part of the entire process and will be looked at as being vital. Once the place has been established, then the actual planning can begin.

If this is not your ideal place, then make the decision to head to one of the many attractions that are in the area to see the type of results that you can have there are several places that you are able to head to get the best type of results from the efforts that are made. Call ahead and see what if any kinds of packages are offered at the attraction.

Those that are a little more reserved will be just as happy with packages that come from a local attraction. There are several venues that offer their space for rentals and will give the groom to be a royal send off. Look into the option of using one of these places in the event and you will be glad that you took the time to.

If you really want to have a party that will leave a lot on the guest list taking a second look, then make sure that you take the time to look into the many packages that are offered from a number of the clubs and attractions in the area.

The one thing that really should not be on your mind is that of the amount of money that you will spend on the event. This is if all goes well a once in a lifetime event that will occur. Do not let money be the thing that halts the special event.

Taking all of these tips into consideration when talking about budget wedding ideas, will often lead to there being a decent amount of effort that is put forth for the wedding party plans. The closer that these are to the home, then the better the odds are that nobody will leave to drive home while drunk. Taking all of these ideas into consideration will afford a person the chance to get the best amount of party for the least amount of money.

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Deciding On Great Bridal Shower Ideas

Prior to the wedding day, every bride loves to have a bridal shower. On the day the bride must be pampered and spoiled by her loved ones and friends. When planning a celebration of this kind, there are many bridal shower ideas and themes that you can use to make it a memorable day for everyone involved.

The first place to start if you are planning a party, is to decide on the theme that you the bride would like. A few of the more popular themes that you can choose from, are themes such as a honeymoon, lingerie, kitchen or makeover theme. There are many other themes that you can also choose and once you decide on one, you can then think of ideas for decorations, food, invitations, gifts, favors and activities for the day.

If you have the perfect theme, you need to get the right decorations that will compliment it. The decoration should be classic and feminine and should be classy and make the bride feel special. A few decorations that are great to use are balloons, ribbons, lace, flowers, candles and beautiful centerpieces.

You also need to pay special attention to the seating of the guests. Your tables should be arranged so that no one gets left out and the seats should be comfortable. If you know what the brides favorite colors are, try to use them as a color theme for all the tablecloths, chair colors and decorations. Give the bride her own special seat so that all eyes and attention are on her.

Food is something that can make or break any party. You need to be sure that the foods you choose go with the theme and that you also include a few sweet items like cakes and cupcakes. After taking care of the food, decide on a few games or activities that you can do with the bride to make the day more fun and exciting.

Once everything has been planned, you can start focusing on the invitations. Start by making a guest list and then decide on the type of invitations and how you will send them out. You can also consider getting some party favors for the guests. Good favors are something that the guests can keep so that they can remember the party forever.

It is important that you always keep the brides likes and dislikes in mind when you plan a bridal shower. By incorporating all her favorite things, you will ensure that the party you have in her honor, is one that she will remember and cherish forever.

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The Dream Wedding, Is A Budget Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. This is why weddings have to be perfect. You might be thinking, “isn’t a perfect wedding too expensive? I don’t want to have to spend ten’s and thousand’s of dollars for a one night event.” You don’t have to. There are many ways you can have a beautiful budget wedding without having to overspend.

A wedding is one of the biggest events in your life and you want everyone you know to be a part of it. However, sometimes that’s just not feasible. Invite the important people in your life, and a few close friends. This will help with the cost of how much food you will have to prepare, and other disposable or rental equipment you will need to spend money on.

Split the expenses up between both families and this will take a lot of weight off of an individual person funding the event. Have the parents help out with the costs as well. Splitting up the expenses may also mean splitting up the control of event planning. This is a sacrifice made when trying to budget the best way possible. In the end, it will more than likely have been well worth it.

Bargain hunting is also a great way to save. Buying cheap table cloths, and reusable furniture will cut down on the overall spending, remember, every little bit counts. Taking measures that aren’t as drastic as others can still be just as beneficial.

Keep the reception and the wedding in the same area will cut down on the price the vendors will charge you by the hour. Try to rent bigger tables so you will have to spend less on table furnishings as well as table cloths. After certain holidays, do some decoration shopping. Don’t spend too much money on floral decorations either. Keep the little things in mind, and they will make a difference.

The type of food you serve as well can change the price of expenses as well. If you serve finger foods it would be less than the price of buying seafood and gourmet dishes. Alcoholic beverages as well will impact the amount of money you spend. Serving beer and wine will both appease the crowd and your pocket at the same time.

Using these ways will help you knock hundreds, even thousands of dollars off of the total price. Many people have beautiful weddings and spend less money than they expect to. If you have a good wedding planner that knows how to make a budget work, you can have the dream budget wedding you’ve always wanted.

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Ibiza Metal Strippers

Having Trouble Coming Up With Flooring Ideas? The easy part is deciding to remodel your home. Deciding on flooring ideas if the hard part. A long time ago there were only a couple of choices for floor covering.

These days there is a growing number of people becoming interested and involved with the environment. If you can conceive the notion, it is also possible to go “green” with your flooring. Have you been searching for ideas for “green” flooring?

The two most famous “green” flooring options available are bamboo and cork. Bamboo is technically a grass that tends to grow like crazy, around the globe. Cork flooring is actually made from the bark of the cork trees. The bark eventually grows back (and is re-harvested) and it is actually good for the trees to have the bark cut every decade or so.

If you desire to have “green” floors, there are excellent options. Those trying to make their homes more green are turning toward Bamboo. Bamboo is quite affordable in comaprison with other types of flooring. It is quite a lot newer than some other types of flooring. Bamboo flooring is nicer than many believe.

You can find affordable floor coverings and cover them with area rugs to pretty them up some. These rugs can be found in a variety of shape and sizes, even as large as the room they are intended for. Area rugs can help you add style and a degree of softness to budget flooring options.

Marble Floors are a great flooring idea for those who can afford them. If you aren’t financially able to absorb the expense there are less expensive options. The tiles come in 12 X 12 tiles that are simple to install. If you can’t live without them you will save money by installing them yourself.

This lends an elegant and classic look to your home. Those that are into antiques and older houses usually find that hardwood is a good option for them. Those who prefer a traditional feel to their homes find hardwood floors to work best for them. Linoleum, depending on the type of home you have can also be considered “traditional” since it was very popular in suburban homes around the early to mid twentieth century. Installing new flooring can seem overwhelming.

Deciding which of your flooring ideas is best can be difficult. There’s great news for you, you aren’t as limited as you used to be. Whatever your hearts desire you can have it in flooring.

It is key that you maintain your floors or you could find yourself having to replace your flooring again. It is important that you think about what is most important to you before you decide what flooring is best for you. In no time you’ll have beautiful floor coverings.

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How To Enjoy A Fall Wedding

There are many fashions pertaining to marriage ceremonies that can either be based on aesthetics or symbolism. Seasonal interpretations means that a fall wedding symbolizes a new life or beginning together. There are a number of different themes that can be applied to make this special day so memorable.

A good idea is to go away for your celebration if you can afford to have a splurge. You could go to another town or even another country, depending on your dreams together. Some people just want to experience a different climate and go to the mountains or the beach to get away. You can go alone or you can go with the rest of your families.

The sea has a number of variations that people have found enjoyable over the years. Some people are keen on a beach wedding, sometimes at sunset or sunrise. Some people like to be out on the water and go for boats or yachts for their ceremonies. If you go for a boat ceremony you are limited in terms of the number of people you can invite.

Other people prefer the concept of being wed in the air to a ceremony on land or by the water. Sometimes these are airline employees or people who have an interest in aircraft. Then there are the pure outrageous, who get a kick from sky diving and base jumping for the ceremony.

To make your ceremony even more special it can be touching to write your own vows. Be careful not to get swept away by over the top language and rather go for some sincere but direct messaging to let your significant other know how you feel. Do not put too much pressure on your partner to say certain things, rather go for something authentic.

The decor is not the most important part of the day and should not steal the show from the love that you are celebrating. The say should be about making the most of your life together and expressing it to make each other feel good. It might be enjoyable to plan and fantasize but it should be focused on you and your partner.

Planning a fall wedding is usually out of season so you can often get cheaper rates. You can choose a theme that suits your relationship or symbolizes something special you have together. Whatever happens you have to remember that your relationship is the focal point and the day should be all about expressing your love.

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Tips For Planning A Peacock Themed Wedding

Getting married is one of the most special times that one can experience. You want the entire event to be something that is very special. Not only that, you want this special occasion to be remembered for many years to come. One of the most popular things to consider is theme, and peacocks are popular. Here are some helpful tips for planning a peacock themed wedding.

The Invitations

Invitations are an excellent way to start the planning process. This gives you an outline of what you want to happen. It also gives you the chance to express your theme. Many invitations will have a lovely feather of your favorite bird on the front. Perhaps you will want something with peacocks on the inside of the invitation. Choose your invitations carefully, as they will set the theme for the entire event.

Selecting a good invitation printing service is vital to your success. There are many good services online, and it is a very good way to save money on your total budget. Money saved on invitation costs, can be applied to something else.

Selecting Colors

Stick to the main colors of your theme, and this means teal, purple, gold, and bronze. Try to keep neutral colors to a minimum. The groom and the wedding dress should reflect the basic color theme. If the bride considers herself unattractive in the four main colors, you may wish to change themes.

The Importance of Plum Purple

If you look in the center of feathers from peacocks you will see a deep purple. Purple is excellent for your main color, and the color of the bridesmaids gowns. The wedding bouquet can be lovely purple flowers, like the hydrangea or the calla lily.

All flowers, including the bouquet and centerpieces should have peacock feathers in them, to serve as highlights. This is an excellent way to display the theme. Plum purple table cloths are also a nice touch.


Tips for planning a peacock themed wedding start with the invitations. Choose them carefully, keeping the theme in mind. Consider plum purple as your main theme, as it is the focal point on the feathers of peacocks. Your theme colors are purple, gold, bronze, and teal. If the bride does not look good in these colors, she may be choosing the wrong theme. Consider going with purple for the bridesmaids, and table cloths, also.

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Enjoying A Baby Shower For Girl

A baby shower for girl should be held in anticipation for the new arrival. It gives mom a chance to learn about all the new equipment she still need for the birth. It is also a joyous celebration of the impending arrival. Mom can be pampered for the last time before the big day arrives. Stork parties were usually only attended by women but these days they are open to men. Friends like to arrange surprises in many cases.

The gift list can be one of the most exciting parts of a stork party. Everybody loves small infant goodies, especially the ladies. It is polite to ask for a list of what is needed for the new arrival. Many times new moms get a great deal of the same thing, or too much in the same size. If you request a list you can make sure you get stuff that will be used.

Clothing is a fun gift to think about giving. You can get lovely combos for boys and girls. There are cute dresses and sets for girls and really smart little outfits for boys. They have co ordinated matching parts like hats and shoes or socks. Blankets and cushions for the new arrival are also useful gifts.

Accessories are also helpful to new parents. Things like bottles and teats are very expensive, so you could think about giving those as gifts. Some parents believe in dummies or pacifiers, while others believe in play mats for the floor and bouncers to put in doorways. There are a number of practical toys you can give that will last for a very long time.

Sometimes stork parties feature games to play. You could think about using the chance to do something special for the new arrival, to mark the celebration of their entry into the world. You can plant a tree to pass on to them or light the candles you want to have at their birth. These are things you can tell them about when they are older.

It is nice to have a book that everyone who is at the stork party gets to sign. They can leave a message for the new arrival. This is a great keepsake to pass onto the child when they are older, to show them how everyone was excited to meet them.

These days a modern baby shower for girl is something that dad and his friends can enjoy too. Buying gifts is a fun experience especially after you have had your own children or if you are feeling broody. Check with the parents what they need to receive as gifts and buy accordingly. This will help the most.

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Make Your Own Sexy Cleopatra Costume

Have you ever considered wearing a Cleopatra costume? To do it right, and I mean really right, it takes a woman who is sexy, smart and confidant too. Me, I would love to dress up as Cleopatra. I think she is the ultimate Egyptian symbol of beauty, femininity and mystique.

The enduring image of Cleopatra for many is the one created by Elizabeth Hurley, another symbol of beauty, in the classic movie ‘Cleopatra’. The scene where she emerges out of an unfurled carpet has long since characterized the enigma that Cleopatra creates. Elizabeth Taylor’s rendition of Cleopatra is also timeless.

The enduring image of Cleopatra for many is the one created by Elizabeth Hurley, another symbol of beauty, in the classic movie ‘Cleopatra’. The scene where she emerges out of an unfurled carpet has long since characterized the enigma that Cleopatra creates. Elizabeth Taylor’s rendition of Cleopatra in the movie of the same name, from years earlier, is also considered timeless.

You will also need accessories and jewelery to complete your Cleopatra costume. These can be bought from a thrift store – look for colorful beads and charms – even your children’s jewelry might work, depending on what your daughter has in her collection of costume jewelry. Large metallic pieces which should be elaborate and larger than life – just like Cleopatra – would be perfect too.

Hair and makeup are essential parts of any Cleopatra costume. All Cleopatra images show her as an Auburn beauty with poker straight shoulder length black hair with sharp bangs. This look can either be recreated using your own natural hair or by wearing a Cleopatra wig. And if you wanted to put a modern spin on Cleopatra’s look, a similar hairstyle with blonde or red hair would be striking.

And if you’re looking for accessories and other cheap jewelry for your own Cleopatra costume don’t forget your local thrift stores and dollar stores – they have plenty of beads and charms. I’ll bet even your children’s jewelry might work, depending on what your kids have in their collection of costume jewelry. Just remember, the focus point of the jewelry should be large metallic pieces – elaborate and larger than life is what you want – just like Cleopatra herself.

Accessories and jewelery for the Cleopatra costume can either be bought from a thrift store or fashioned out of colored foil and other materials like beads, charms etc – even your children’s jewelry might work, depending on what your daughter has in her collection of costume jewelry. The focus point of the jewellery should be a large metallic neckpiece which should be elaborate and larger than life – just like Cleopatra.

Just remember that the typical and classic Cleopatra look requires a no make up look with all the emphasis on eyes. All you would need would be a foundation base with concealer to hide all blemishes and a bronzer for the face. Next, your eyes would need to be outlined with black eyeliner which will make an extended Cat eye look. And don’t forget the heavy Mascara and fake eyelashes. Lastly, lips should be tinted with a nude colored gloss to complete the classic costume.

Most importantly, no one can carry off a Cleopatra outfit unless they also have the natural confidence, innate sensuality and subtle power that she possessed. So, act “royal” snobby and even a little entitled and you will BE Cleopatra. Have fun wearing a Cleopatra costume this Halloween. Want more Cleopatra tips – visit:

Free Video Reveals steps to create Candles enjoyment and Earnings

Seattle, WA – May 10, 2011 – Candle making is amongst the oldest arts in the world. It’s fun to try and do and can even be the basis of a worthwhile home-based enterprise. Individuals who would like to learn candle making can click on the YouTube video at The video provides totally free and complete recommendations on how to make two various kinds of candles to get viewers going.

Today’s candle makers aren’t limited to making their masterpieces out of animal fat similar to those involved with thousands of years ago. Many candles can be made with things that include things like child friendly beeswax, low-cost paraffin, eco-friendly soy wax and gels for that more exotic candle. The YouTube video also provides visitors with information on where to go to understand how you can make them all.

Learning how to create candles at your home is easy, and lots of have converted a hobby into businesses that net up to $30,000 if not more each and every year from working part-time. Elements for a number of candles can be purchased and candles can be made right on your kitchen table.

The YouTube video resources clarify how you can make candles that compete with the costly versions accessible in stores. Visitors will be taught steps to create perfumed candles, dyed candles and various forms of wax candles for several uses. Visitors to the site may also incorporate fruits, flowers and herbs into their candles, just like those in stores.

Website visitors will find how to create tea lights, tapers, votive candles and pillars, along with where to find unique and inexpensive molds. Making layered candles is looked into, together with those for special occasions.

Made available are complete resources on transforming a candle making activity right into a money-making business idea. Marketing prospects are everywhere, from online sites, craft fairs and fundraisers to stores.

Finding out how to produce a candle isn’t difficult and may also provide endless hours of enjoyment. The YouTube video illustrates viewers how to make a candle from beginning to end. For individuals who want to capitalize on their skills, resources are offered on marketing techniques which can very easily convert a hobby into a profitable work-at-home income opportunity.

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What Is A Baby Shower For Boy

Every child comes from a mother. Before the child is born, parties are put together for the mother-to-be by friends and family. Mother is able to receive gifts that she may not have bought herself for the child. Is there a difference in a baby shower for boy and girl?

Mothers-to-be plan and work towards making things ready for their son to be born. Family and friends help by putting together a baby shower where the mother may receive gifts for her son and other items she may not have for him. Colors for little boy showers are typically blues, yellows, and greens; however, the theme of the party can be whatever the mother decides.

Decorations and other party related items can be coordinated to the mother’s wishes. Colors for little boy showers are typically blues, yellows, and greens; however, the theme of the party can be whatever the mother decides. Typically there are balloons or signs saying “It’s a boy!”. When the friends and family send out invitations, they may include a theme idea.

Another thing to think about is entertainment. Entertainment for the guests can be just as important as for mommy-to-be. Although mom should be the main person, the guests important as well. Some popular games are the clothes pin game and guessing baby food flavors. In the clothes pin game, each person is given a clothes pin to keep with them. If they are caught saying the word “baby”, they must give their clothes pin to the player who catches them. This can also be extended to include the word “boy”.

While playing the games can be just for fun, gifts may be acquired to be handed out to the winners. Guests will have keep-sakes from the gathering and feel excited to win something. This can also bring out a little competition for the games and add to the fun.

Food is another factor in this party. Cake and ice cream are good to have. Other snacks may include chips, drinks, finger sandwiches, and a vegetable platter. Guests will be happy to have something to snack on while mommy is opening gifts and they are taking pictures.

Baby showers can be fun to plan as well as to attend. Expecting mothers will have memories for years to come and many nice gifts for loved ones. Planning a baby shower for boy can be a group activity and bring family together to show how much mother is cared for. Having pictures from the occasion can also be shown to the son after he grows up to see all the people that loved him before he was born.

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Ways To Make Your Summer Wedding Go Smoothly

Having a summer wedding is a dream of many brides, though this type of event is not without its own challenges. You want a day where nothing goes wrong, the sun shines and everything is perfect. Luckily by following a few simple guidelines this should be easy to achieve.

If you’re planning to marry in the open air then there are a few things you want to think about. Getting married in bright sunshine may sound like a wonderful idea but you don’t want to end up not being able to see your partner because the sun is shining directly into your eyes. Make sure that either the sun is behind you, or the area where you are saying your vows is shaded.

Your guests will also appreciate some shade. However if the plan is that they are in the open air, and high temperatures are forecast, you want to make sure that they are not going to pass out in the heat. A good way to avoid this is to provide little fans and bottled water on the seats. Holding a wedding either early in the day or in the evening will also make the temperature a little cooler.

Flowers are a big part of any wedding, and summer weddings are no exception. However if you have any guests with flower allergies you need to think ahead otherwise you may have someone sneezing through all the critical moments of your big day. Let anyone you think might be affected know what type of flowers you are using and then they can take precautions.

Insects are another consideration for weddings held in the summer, and they will happily turn up without an invitation. The most challenging time tends to be as the photographs are being taken as people are milling around with sugary drinks in their hands. As you can’t ban insects the next best thing is to make sure there is a handy first aid kit available should anyone get stung.

Another area to think carefully about is the positioning of the cake. You want to show it off to its best advantage but do not want it melting in the heat. Cakes are best placed in a shaded area, out of direct sunlight and not near any source of heat, for example lamps and light bulbs.

Wanting your summer wedding to be perfect is natural. However as with many things this will not happen by itself and will take careful planning. Though you can be rest assured that if you put the time into getting the details right your day will be everything you have imagined and more.

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Inexpensive Wedding Favors That You Create Yourself

You can fashion inexpensive wedding favors by yourself at home, that are just as elegant as anything you could get from a store. They are easy to make and are the perfect depiction of you and your future partners’ love. These gifts for the guests are fine clear vases, filled with three unique colors of sand. A note that you write yourself is attached to your vase with a ribbon to give an explanation of the meaning of the sand.

There are only a couple of items that you need to buy for these inexpensive wedding favors. A trip to the dollar store should take care of everything you need. You will be buying thin, clear vases, note cards, approximately one inch by two and one half inches. You will need to make a hole in the card so you can tie it to your vase.

The ribbon that you need to buy is nice if you can purchase the same color as the wedding party will be wearing. You need to get enough ribbon to be able to tie all of the note cards to the vases. Last is the sand, get white sand and two other colors that you and your fiance like.

Take enough ribbon to be able to tie the note card to the vase and finish it off with a bow. Cut all the strips at once to make it easier for you later when you assembling the favors. You and your fiance will want to be with each other for the next part, the pouring of the sand.

The pouring of the sand is a very part of making this inexpensive wedding favor. Pour the white sand into the vase first, so it makes a layer coming up about one inch, next the two of you pour your sands into the vase at the same time. On the small note card hand write the below words.

“Just as it would be impossible to separate these grains of sand, our love is inseparable as well”. You can write your names and the date of the big event on the card also. Tie the note card to the vase with the ribbon and you now have beautiful, meaningful, inexpensive wedding favors that mean more than any store bought one.

These make wonderful, unique gifts for your guests. More than just a gift they are a true expression of your feelings for each other. No one will ever guess that these are inexpensive wedding favors.

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Ten – How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Halloween Costume

Halloween can be such a fun time of the year. No matter how old you are, it seems that on the evening of Halloween there is so much to do, and so much to look forward to. The holiday can really bring out the kid in everyone, and that is one of the things that is so much fun about Halloween. When else do you get the opportunity to dress up in an elaborate Halloween costume, go out like that, and have people respect you?

Halloween is a holiday for everybody, men, women, children, plus size people, not-so-plus size people, couples-everybody. Many people believe that plus sized Halloween costumes are hard to find, and that is the reason why they do not participate in the festivities but all that means is that you are not looking in the right place. Online retailers have so much more of a selection than one would ever think possible.

If you have done your shopping at physical retail locations in the past, chances are you have a false impression of what an online Halloween costume store would be like, when in all actuality it is not a realistic impression.

If you miss the “thrill of the hunt” and must go to a “brick and mortar” store go early. Retailers only purchase a few plus sized Halloween costumes and the closer to Halloween eve, the less available suits. This rule also applies to couples costumes. Halloween night is one of the busiest “party” nights of the year. If you and your sweetie want to go as jail-mates chances are another couple has the same idea.

Therefore, to get the best sexy plus size Halloween costume you can find, you have two choices: 1. You do your Halloween costume shopping early in the season while the stores are in fresh stock with their very best couples and sexy plus size Halloween costumes. 2. You do you Halloween costume shopping online.

Admit it, finding time to run yet another errand, feels about impossible. Have a few spare moments in the evening or Saturday morning? Go online baby! Let’s not forget how terrifying any type of shopping is for most of our male mates. Can he turn his head toward the computer? Now you can shop together for your couple’s costume! It’s more fun attending your neighbor’s Halloween bash when the two of you collaborated about the perfect theme.

Internet shopping is really the way to go. A little search for “plus size costume,” “couples costume” or even “sexy plus size Halloween costume,” is just a click away. Forget spending hours trying on this or that, who wants to go as a Hobo . . . again? Adventure into the French maid and Genie with online shopping.

Shopping online offers you the advantage of not having to search through racks of costumes. You can search by the type by clicking the Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costume, Couples Costume or Plus Size Costumes to find some great ideas as well as checking to see what sizes are available now, rather than having to wait for an available size. You can find the very best plus size or couples Halloween costume by shopping early in the Halloween season or by shopping now online. Just think of how special you will feel all dressed up in the sexiest plus size or couples Halloween costume you will find! Edited by Glinda Zuladra

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Useful Tips On Responsible Living By Using Recycled Paper

Having a good impact on the environment has become a huge concern for many people in recent years. However, many people are still unsure of what they can do in order to decrease their negative effects on their surroundings. Fortunately, there are tons of simple things you can do, and responsible living by using recycled paper is a great starting point.

It is now easier than ever before to find and purchase these products. For example, you can easily find them in many superstores, grocery, stationery, and discount stores. It is even possible to purchase them online. Fortunately, they cost about the same as other types of similar products, and some brands are actually cheaper.

One of the downsides of purchasing products that have not been made from recyclables is that trees must be cut down in order to make them. This not only contributes to deforestation and the reduction of animal habitats, but it also increases the amount of water and air pollution on the planet. Luckily, purchasing items made from pre-used products is a great way to offset these types of activities.

It generally takes far less energy to create products from recyclables. This means that the amount carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are released into the water and air supplies will be decreased when producing these types of items.

If you are worried about the quality of these items, you should not be. These items are just as good as those that have been made from new resources, and you should not be able to tell the difference when writing, printing, or drawing on them.

It is possible to engage in responsible living by using recycled paper, and it is actually easier to do than ever before. Next time you are out shopping, be sure to look for items with the appropriate symbol and avoid purchasing items that have been made from freshly cut trees.

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Baby Quilts and E-Biz — Top 5 Differences

Although quilting and starting an e-biz share some common grounds, the two projects are commonly seen as the two opposite ends of the business spectrum. Discussing their differences is not intended to glorify the one or to undermine the other and knowing them will not make you the Kaffe Fasset of baby quilts or the next e-biz billionaire. It will rather help you learn more about baby quilts and e-biz. Here are 5 differences for you to consider:

1. Process. An e-biz site is never finished and every successful e-preneur will vouch for that. E-biz is work in progress – constant adding, removing, rewriting and tweaking. More often than once, quilters wished they had this opportunity too. Thankfully, that’s not the case; otherwise we might have never known the art of quilting.

2. Final Product. The virtual nature of an e-biz site limits its effect on our five senses; here is where the makers of baby quilts have the upper hand to the e-biz owners. Even the best e-biz site can’t be felt against your skin, held in your hand, wrapped around a newborn or given as a baby shower gift.

3. Audience. Who you would make a baby quilt for is very different from who you would make an e-biz site for. An e-biz site tries to meet the needs and wants of a broad audience with already developed tastes. The audience can be selective, critical, demanding and sometimes with questionable taste. A baby quilt, on the other hand, besides being pleasing to the parents, has to satisfy the needs of the least demanding and most innocent customer of all – the baby.

4. Purpose. Baby quilts are a way to express the skills and creative genius of the quiltsmith. Not only do their designs and creations bring loving comfort to the baby that will use it, and help the parents show how much they care for and love their baby, it serves to also help develop loving memories for child and parent. The purpose of the e-biz is to only make money – nothing loving and caring and memorable about that. The e-biz is as clinical and sterile as a laboratory, and will not be generating warm fuzzies and good memories any time soon.

5. Longevity and Traditions. Quilting will win out on this one too, judging by its literally centuries worth of history. It has been around since at least the time of Ancient Egypt, and the Romans were know quiltsmiths also. Europeans began quilting as early as the twelfth century and Americans as far back as its infancy were enjoying quiltmaking as a craft. Even when quilting has fallen out of favor, families have kept their existing quilts, and have consistently created cherished memories that have been passed down for each successive generation. The e-biz does not have quite an extensive history to fall back on, but given time, it will be able to find its way in the world, although it is extremely doubtful that, no matter how long it’s been around, people just won’t feel inclined to pass their internet website down in the name of cherished memories.

In a previous article I already introduced the similarities; now, you know the differences between making a baby quilt and starting an e-biz. Did you manage to figure out which one is easier and more rewarding? If so, please let me know as I am still searching for the answer!

Valentina Kaltchev is the founder of, an Internet based retailer of handmade baby quilts, baby crib bedding, nursery rugs and accessories in contemporary and traditional designs.

Using Essential Oils To Make Your Own Bath Salts

Recipes for making homemade aromatherapy and body products are relatively easy to come by and even simpler to follow. When making bath salts with essential oils, a surprising number of the ingredients can be found in the home or in health shops. The end product is so much more rewarding than its store-bought counterparts and make cost-effective pampering treats and special gifts.

Choosing the preferred kind of salt is the first step in gathering the simple ingredients. Dead sea salt is one type that is extremely beneficial for the body as it contains a host of minerals with very healthy qualities for the skin. Epsom salts, are possibly the most common kind used for this purpose, with its many therapeutic benefits that have been sworn by for centuries.

Other, more exotic types of salt specifically used as therapeutic or healing agents (as opposed to just relaxation and moisturize) are available, but may be more costly and a bit more challenging to find. They may be worth the effort though, as it’s the complex of primary and trace minerals in each type of salt that gives them specific therapeutic properties. But to simplify, a blend of equal parts Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt is very common, and quite healthy.

Essential oils are 100% natural and are used in many forms of healing, including aromatherapy. However, not all of these oils are safe to use for bathing purposes or directly on the skin. Knowledgeable aromatherapists will provide key advice on which oils are not appropriate for this kind of usage or for someone’s particular skin type.

Selecting the best oil will also rest on the ambiance that one intends to create and the effect of it on the senses. Lavender and Chamomile, are known to relax and soothe the body and mind, while citrus scents like lemongrass and orange, are used for invigoration and re-energizing. Ylang-ylang and sandalwood are known aphrodisiacs, believed to enhance sensuality. Although everyone’s skin type is sensitive to different scents or fragrances, common essential oils which produce skin irritation are basil, clove and cinnamon – generally essential oils you can associate with “spiciness”.

The process of hand-crafting bath salts is exceptionally simple easy. First, pour a total of two cups of salts into a bowl. In a tablespoon measure, add any kind of vegetable, seed or nut oil (jojoba can work very well for this, as it hydrates the skin as you’re bathing). To this, add fifteen to twenty drops of essential oils, and mix this blend into the salts with a wooden spoon. That’s it!

For something really unique and special, add a ground dry botanical to the mixture, such as lavender or chamomile leaves. Even a few drops of aloe vera extract will create an enhanced effect on the skin. Upon completion, they should be kept in air-tight containers, preferably of glass.

There are tons of aromatherapy bath salt recipes on the Internet, and all are exceptionally easy to make. It’s important, too, to feel free to experiment with different combinations of essential oils – that’s how all those recipes became available in the first place!

There’s so much more to learn. Visit the learning library for information about several single note medicinal aromatics like clove oil and cypress oil on

Picking And Preparing Material For Quilting

A large part of the pleasure of quilting is gathering the materials that you will use. There are two approaches: you can either choose the pattern first or the cloth first or if you are an experienced quilter, you can disregard the recommendations on the pattern and use whatever cloth you please. However, this is a big step that the novice must not take lightly

Most quilters will opt for cotton, 100% cotton, because it is the easiest fabric to use, is pleasant to deal with, is washable and is readily available in different patterns and weights.

In fact, you cannot go wrong with cotton, whereas most people do not really want anything to do with man-made textiles and silk and satin are both a problem to use and expensive.

When you go into a quilting or craft shop, you will see bolts and bolts (rolls and rolls) of 100% cotton material, so choice will rarely be a difficulty. In the beginning, a tip is to use tightly woven fabric, because loosely-woven fabric can ‘pull’ and distort leaving unsightly ‘holes’, which you cannot fix because they are not really breaks.

You will have to put a lot of work into your quilt so it is worth spending some time on planning your quilt and the pattern and the design that you want. The colour is particularly important because you or your customer will have to live with it for several years.

Attempt to use contrast as much as you can, but that is outside the scope of this piece, so you will have to look it up if you do not understand it already. However, basically it involves using warm colours like red, yellow, orange and brown with cooler colours like blue, green and violet. You can contrast black with white very effectively too.

You could also strive contrasting different textures. Smooth, coarse, high grain and low grain, high density and low density cottons can be mixed to stunning effect with a bit of thought and practice. The same can be said of the pattern on the fabric. Therefore, you can alternate or mix colour, grain and pattern.

When you get brave enough, you can add other types of cloth too such as velvet or taffeta. Whichever textiles you decide to use, you must test them for shrinkage.

Take a swatch, measure it, wash it as it must be washed, dry it out, iron it and then measure it again. This will tell you how much that fabric shrinks, so you can put that down in a notebook.

Pre-shrink all textiles that are going to shrink before sewing blocks of themt into our quilt or you will have big problems later. When you have washed and dried the block of fabric, it should be ironed.

If you make a decision to use a fabric that needs dry cleaning, you will have to make sure that anybody who buys it from you understands this. It would be a good idea to embroider a label saying as much and attaching it to the quilt so that neither you nor anyone else will forget.

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